How tf is my secondary outperforming my main?

As the topic title says, i tried to change some items between my secondary dps tower, my GIB and my main and suddenly the secondary smashed my mains best hit record? how is this possible? is the full 3-part Withered set amplification only working for the tower that has it equipped? i thought it was a dmg amplification for all towers that attacked the creep that was amped? can any1 explain plz? Secondary: http://imgur.com/a/HETOy Main: http://imgur.com/a/cmC8D tnx in advance! peace / mr

Have experienced this also! I haven't documented it though so it might just being me not remembering properly. But the secondary tower always feels stronger than it should for some reason... Ps. Nice to find another Swede on this forum:)

Perhaps Hydra Arrow causes a silly-high Damage count? I don't have it, so I'm not certain, because everything else seems silly (Unless you have the second carry in range of Knuperhexe and the first one isn't).

Well i may have started this topic a little to fast =) soon after i made this post my main started to up his max hit, ended up woth close to 1T highest dmg and the secondary towers highest hit just froze the same as above until i died =) but i still can't explain the massive dmg from secondary, with the items equipped on main there should not be a single tower that can beat it Romeo, your idea on the hydra arrow might be just it, because hydra doesn't show the extra dmg on average hit stats =) also i thought that the amp was a bonus for all towers but now i understand that it is only amplifying for the equipped tower :( Heja Sverige!

The withered set only amps for the wearer? Crap, time to rethink a few strategies.

I don't know for a fact but it seems like it, but many other on the forum says otherwise so i'm as clueless as you mate ;)

Amp seems to work on tgt mob no? I using it on knx to up the dmg of main. U will be able to notice the dmg slowlgly going higher especially for boss mobs so im quite sure it does what it was supposed to do