How to get legendaries?

Hey Guys, I'm new here and I'm wondering where I can get legendary items and Towers?! I'm very happy that I made 15k sec in normal but first of all I wasn't able to get my Mr. Iron higher than 11 multicrit (including feeding the Potions to an yggdrassil with 4 branches and a Wedding ring, main dd at this moment was a alpha wolf) and the second point is that there was no single legendary drop.

You get the light saber and the robot, but the rest have to be purchased in the card forge or on the black market.

Those are uniques, Constipation, they don't need to be purchased or forged. When you do quests, you get relics that can be used to buy black market items (one different card each weekend - 200 each) or forge legendary cards - 400 each. You can also just forge normal cards and hope the random number generator is kind to you. If you have zero cards, this is probably your best bet. But after you get 30-50% of the legendary cards, you're better off forging the rest. Constipation - are you up for another game? Send me a message on Discord if you are. I have the quest right now.

Thanks for the answers but is there a reliable tac to fullfil the task where I'm only allowed to use dark/Metro Towers? I mean I really dont have a prob with beating 10k sec in Bonus round with nature (Pack into Iron Man or Ripper) but I'm not able to beat easy without nature.

Hmm I'd go Hitman first, then maybe electric chair and finally Mr. Iron with Stonecutters... Hitman with a few Elvis towers on some spots and a lot of spiders in front and Ms Jillies in the back should bring you quite far until you get better options.

And I wonder if Hitman with Stonecutters could carry through the entire game.. Gonna give it a try next time :-)

Well okay, thanks for the advice. I've tried like 5 games now on easy and failed everytime around wave 70 with hitman.

I prefer faster towers and usually start Jilly. From there you can go to shadow for a good upgrade in damage. You'll probably need some AOE which dandelion or Solara can provide. If you want to stick with metropolis, then you probably want ironman. Iron man is a good support tower in the bonus round, but you aren't there yet. One of the most important things in my experience is trying to let one tower get as many of the kills as possible (>70%). Then any items or potions given to that tower can multiply its high damage from its high level. Also, using as much water of life on that one tower and then getting the majority of kills with it gives you the best chance for items and potions.