How would a 1000000% luck & 1500000% attack speed Miss Jilly look like

I am aware that this is against the rules and stuff, but this is just to see how it would look like if you had a miss jilly with 1000000% luck chance. Note that this is done in the summer edition version Link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33HzVy7WGsg EDIT: it appears that luck caps @ 80%, with the combo of 1500000% attack speed (since attack speed does not cap)it looks like i'm stunning the NPC 99% of the time.

I believe Andy said that increased % chance to trigger events caps at 80%, so getting more than 800% luck on miss Jilly would be useless?

I don't think that's the case here, you could build 4 Luck Pants on your miss jilly.. but that does not mean every hit might be an insta-kill or just a stun.

Well trigger chance is capped on 80% for each tower. Lets say you got a max level scarface. Trigger chance would be on 49%. So if you add items/skills/pots with a total of 100% luck increase in theory you would be on 98% trigger chance. Too bad there is the 80% cap. Cant get higher then that. SAme goes with miss Jilly (though, you cant reach the cap on her i think. At least not with the items ingame right now)