I really do not like the item unlocking system

System that make you feel like you have to play daily just to get new things really pass me off. It's even more annoying when it's such a limited amount per day. There needs to be currency rewards after each map based on how well you did. It's already bad enough you have to spend the currency on a horrible chance to get a new item. Them there is the black market... This game was so much fun but now I feel like it's a chore.

Yeah, there's a few threads about this already, and I'm half tempted to agree with you. The unlock system needs a stern looking at. There's so much to unlock, but because of that, it takes a stupid amount of playing to unlock ANYTHING. I'm still waiting on Seelenreiser, Roderic and Blood Demon and I'm already at level 84. It's starting to kill my desire to play.

Ah, I should have done a search for other topics of the nature. I made this post on my phone and forums are annoying on phones for myself. The only Legendary items I have are Lord Roderic, The 'horadric' Mage, Osmo, the Jester King, Blood Demon, and Essence of Luck. I also have 92 golden cards out of 139 and it seems like 95% of the time I get one I already have...

I'd like if Andy gives the game a little more love to be honest, even though that it might take time but letting such a good game getting wasted is sad. As for the topic, I dont think that the game would work without RNG, even though I've made a thread that I pretty much cried about it (lol). However, the problem is that there is Sooooooo much RNG that basically whatever youre doing is based on luck. For instance, I sometimes start the game and I just get Meet Mallet after I combine the first white items (with 10% item chance & quality) but most of the time its the bag, anyhow, I dont mind the in-game luck.. it should be hard and challenging. In the othet hand, the luck of getting legendary items by duplicating items is just unfair. I think that any game should reward players based on their progress or achievements and not by their luck because a player would play forever and getting nothing if this is the case.

I like RNG in a game as well. I also agree that the RNG in just about everything is absurd. I have been trying and trying to beat hard with "Kvothe, the Arcane" for ages now and the drop RNGs on items are so crazy that I am down 50-100 life by wave 50 because I get horrible items. I'm curious if there are any items that can only be obtained from the black market.?

I think that all items are obtainable by duplicating cards. for the hard mode, i suggest an in-game shop that you can buy white-blue tower cards for an exchange of duplicates.. for me i wouldnt mind to spend some to get an easier early game and to have some sort of "control" over the game. would be another way to spend duplicates as well, lol.

RNG as a gameplay element? Fun, so long as it remains somewhat controlled. Too little, game becomes predictable. Too much, game becomes pointless. I feel like the game is pretty good in this balance so far. Sure, a bad hand means you won't go too long in the bonus round, but you can usually still "save" the run. Likewise, amazing drops mean nothing if you play like an idiot. RNG as a reward element? TERRIBLE. Given that there's a hard limit to how many Card Relics you can earn in a week, and they're needed to unlock basically everything, getting useless drops is beyond infuriating. I've unlocked very little that's new (Essence of Luck, Kvothe the Arcane, Loan Shark) and none of it fits in to my gameplay style. An RPG system would be appreciated for quite a few unlocks. Make it to the Bonus Round, unlock something. Hit 600 seconds in bonus, unlock something. Hit 1200, unlock something else. 2400, unlock something else. 4800, the last thing. Not enough unlocks there to completely undo the "gambling" element that I loathe, but actual unlocks (Not useless Golden Cards) are in very short supply.