Irish Pub question.

As the title foresay I'm a little doubting the usefullness of the Irish Pub. I calculated that it would give +55% at 99(10 + 0.5% x 99) to all towers in 2 field range. But is it good? I mean, if you're planning to give your main tower a little extra buff with that your just wasting your time for that roughly 6 small potion of strength gives the same amount of damage, and considering you can use Wedding Ring of Yin/Yan to buff two towers at once, the tower itself would be of no use. It has a 2 field range, that means the best place would be either 8 or 13 depending on your strategy. So, my question is, is it even good to be a tower? I see no use for it as I might be blind to see the real use of it or it actually hasn't.

Well, it adds to every tower in the range and combined with the potions it gives still that bonus damage. So, I think it is a quite good one, even better with high DMG towers.

I did consider that. But the increase is too small to make a difference when it comes for real waves, in my opinion. I haven't tested it out yet though. so, if anyone would like to show me how good that tower is I would really appreciate it otherwise I would keep thinking this tower is just good for transmuting.

Irish Pub was really intended to be a early/mid game support. I usually replace him with something better in the end.