Is Hydra bugged?

Ok first of all as i use Roderic it is hard to build up adapt with shadow, but i just saw what i would call a bug as the poison from hydra procs adapts even if you can see that shadow is no longer in range to attack, so my question is just this: is it supposed to be like this? it was an awesome way to build adapt even with low luck so this is just curiosity and not a complaint =) http://imgur.com/a/iyPAp

It's a shame if it's a bug. If it's not, then it's very good to know!!! I had no idea about that. Usually doesn't equip Hydra Arrow on my Shadow right of the bat.

same here m8 ;) lucky me i made a very low low effort run yesterday just so i could lvl up my wizard =) and i agree that is would be great if it is supposed to be this way =)

Oh... Time to test this on Ripper.

Please tell if it worked on ripper, although i have a feeling it will not work on him as ripper must crit to gain, while shadow just have to make a lucky hit, hydra does dmg over 4 sec so i guess it is like 1 attack per second = 4 attacks? then hydra is additive aswell so if you hit a creep 4 times that must mean that hydra has 16 chances to proc? I don't know the mechanics i'm just guessing here

I'm going to try Hydra Arrow right when I get it on my next normal run. Trying to reach #1 on ladder haha (very competitive) Already rank 1 normal 200 waves Rank 1 normal 300 waves Rank 1 normal 400 waves. Guess you can top it easily since you currently have better items/heroes than me for bonus round. But would love to see it happen!