Is this game "dead"

I have been playing for some time now. Love the game! But i have not seen any updates or plans for updates in a long time now. Was just wondering if this game has fallen out of the developers favour some how? I know it cant be easy to build a game like this with so many mechanics and randomness. I love tower defence games and have played many, but this one is quite honestly my favourite!!! It would be sad to see it stall after so much awesome breaking of the TD mold as it wher. Hope you are still working on updates just have kept it close to your chest for a big reveal soon!!! Thanks for an awesome game!!! Even if this is the "end product" i will be playing this till i die.

Even if, it would still be alive in our hearts.

It does seem to have slowed down big time. I know before things got quiet, Andy was working on a Light deck, but it's anyone's guess if that's still coming. Personally, I'd pay damn good money for him to put out the SDK for the game so we could make new content ourselves.

YES!!! OPEN THE CODE AND ALLOW SPINOFFS LIKE SOME GAMES DO!!! I would LOVE the chance to get into codeing and building games. I just dont have the time or skill to do it from scratch. But if i where alowed to start with a awesome framework like mazebert im sure i could learn from it and slowly add into it as i go. I learn best by trial and error. Lol lots and lots of error.