Is vir killable?

I only can get 16k second (after stage 500) in bonus round because vir seem invincible. is he killable in order to get more seconds? if i can't farm exp long enough in bonus round, i guess it's pointless to play anymore. i might reset 2 or 3 times at lvl 200ish just to get better drop to stay longer after 500. it takes hours to get stage 200 and the strategy plan is ruined because the RNG never let certain card spawn. then i have to reset and waste my time again. idk how many hours/ days i wasted just to get 10 levelup from 66 to 76... somewhat tiring and seem futile too because lvl 70 actually only give 1 card by choice. not even worth that much because i need other cards and they are controlled again by RNG. i just start play a few day and don't have any legendary. start to get real bored since this game is only depend on RNG, not strategy based as most TD games offer.

Oh there is a lot of strategy it’s just that your strategy has take rng into account. And vir is unkillable. The more damage you deal the more bonus time you get. You really have to go all out with damage on him. What is your carry? The best suited currently are from metro because of the stonecutter temple dmg multiplier. If you have a lot of money go for blofeld. Some legendary cards can be found in the black market. There is one item every weekend and in the corresponding thread some one usually posts what it is. Costs 200 though.

well, rng based is actually different with strategy based. rng usually used in most rpg genre which have unlimited time limit to make our build shine. we hunt mobs for item drops without time restriction. but in strategy based like TD, the mobs in fact are hunting us, plus time limit with number of waves. i usually use balu as carry with ironman knockback support. switch balu to biofeld for vir. tried using muli but got problem with bananas. any advice/ other strat? and this the interresting part with too much rng. in my case the ygg or yin/yang ring mostly drops around 170ish or more. if they dont appear within first 200/300 stage (i've experienced ganesha drops at 300+), idk if i can even reach vir. ironman can catch up building speed & luck, though most carries can't (balu needs hugs, muli needs liquor, ripper needs crit ,etc). this makes me consider restarting, waste my time and effort to reach that stage. i'm fine with some gambling in games, but not too much... especially if it time/ restriction based. maybe dev can balancing this drop rate a bit. like the ygg removed from card pick but guaranteed drop at stage 100, or toilet paper item become gift at stage 150 (transmute it still random result), or even free water of life for each chalenge 100% success. theres a lot way to make the games more strategic feel actually. but i guess it's a lot to do, and since this was a totally free game. can't ask much of it. i'll try buy the legendaries then, see if it helps get more seconds.

When going for blofeld you wanna get money bins out as fast as possible until you hit 1m interest per wave. And the rest: that’s your opinion and I understand it but quite a few people like the game this way. We can always discuss balancing and currently there might be some early game issues in regard to difficulty. But the random drops are exactly what separates this game and generally people like the challenge. I played whole games without Ganesha for example. Sure it kinda bums you out but that’s part of it. Come to discord if you like( link is there if you wanna start a multiplayer game) there might be some interesting tips to advance your game.

i've been joining the discord, but seem anyone rarely there. recently stuck to beat dawn of light, maybe i'll ask advice there as well info for this week legendary. thx

I’d like to share my strategies but not sure if anybody is interested

I am going to say NO! even with a 117.9T dps Muli and other things increasing damage aside from the tower itself Vir health bar does NOT move.

Well yeah that was answered above. It’s the whole point of him. He finishes the game, and gives you bonus in regard to dmg dealt.

I played this many years ago so it's had some nice changes, I tend to use scarecrow for AoE and Ironman for knockback etc, if I get ygg early it's mostly shared to say the viking and beacon of hope. endgame don't use bio until vir. But any help is appreciated.

anyone teach me new update strategy 😂

https://mazebert.com/g/72160720-c19a-4a56-8bf3-1a832738f758-45298/ i got 18k seconds! killing vir i think gives you extra time

vir is not killable ;(