Item questions

It has peaked my interest and I have to ask... Does invisibility from the helm of hades have any positive effects or is it just glamour?

It's just for visual effect. If anything it's a great way to immediately discern which tower has the helm in the event you need to quickly move it.

Yes it is plainly visual. I would love to create such effects for all unique items (like Blizzard does it with all their legendaries in D3). It just has to be delayed right now for all the other more critical tasks. But when I was implementing the Helm of Hades I got carrierd away a little bit during the implementation. Plus, the effect was easy to achieve :-)

Ah opacity is an easy varuable, suprised you have not tried auras. Just checking. I like it.

Aura effects like in wc3 would be awesome :-D

I'm pretty new in the game, I tried everything but Gib. I don't know how to summon it, is there a procedure I didn't do? I've tried what the description says three times but nothing happens and no summoning button appears. Can someone explain me how to do it?

You need to put all 4 items of the frozen set in the inventory of a tower. The tower must wear the set for at least 1 min. Then, when the tower kills a creep the items are destroyed and gib is added to your inventory. Hint: A good tower to produce a gib card is Knusperhexe :-)

yea, probably a very good one heh, however I had the set on for more than 1 min and killed more than one creep, but nothing happened :/

That's really weird. After that time, were the items still in the tower inventory? Also, can you verify you equipped no duplicate set items? It needs 1x water, 1x book, 1x candle and 1x heart.

I tried and it worked, so I guess it was my carelessness. Sorry if I had you concern about this