Just some questions

First of, I love this game. Been playing it non-stop for 6 days now, already lvl 76. Best time: 3,798 sec on hard. Best time: 11,778 sec on easy. Just wondering if there will be more updates coming, with new stuffs/towers or anything. Big fan and been lurking alot on the forum. Also wondering if there is a discord or anything like that for this game. I would also love to know what you guys best time is for easy/medium/hard mode. Aswell as your best main/sub-main/support. Maybe I could learn from you guys! That's all from me! Cheers!!!

Welcome to Mazebert =) Andy updates every now and then and with the new update the bonus ladder will get reset =) my record on easy 500 rounds and all 3 decks, 30k sec, my best 200 wave game is with darkness only and i got 21k sec, have gotten close to 30k sec many times but that seems to be my limit as of yet. my current endgame setup is: Hero: Lord Roderic #1 Elvis impatience + 2 withered 2 DK helm of hades + 4 lucky pants 3 manitou just keys? dunnot what else to put as even if it says 1-1 dmg he never attacks so it sucks, maybe unlucky pants for AK 4 Beaver, impatience + 2 lucky pants or 2 withered 5 main shadow 2 spectre set, seelenreisser, reaver, unsure about either demon blade or hydra, i leak with demon but not hydra? i dunno why, still working on the best setup for main and secondary so this might change. 6 knusper impatience + 2 lucky pants 7 small spider impatience + 2 lucky pants 8 first a jilly with impatience and paintings to get a lvl 99 fast without stealing kills that i can use for acolytes then i put GIB there, impatience + mjölner + key or unlucky pants 9 first money bin to afford the epics faster, then Mr. Iron with speed and luck items, after eating everything he can i put impatience + 2 withered 10 secondary, first holgar as main for pots and later as secondary shadow withered + blade of darkness and excalibur 11 first ganesha with 3 dark items and books then after i marry with 99 jilly i sell them for life and put a new jilly here with impatience + 2 withered 12 jilly impatience + 2 withered 13 elvis impatience + 2 withered if lvl 99 or close if not books/keys 14 jilly impatience + 2 withered 15 jilly impatience + 2 withered 16 dark forge books until 99 and after, 5 lucky pants 17 jilly 2 speed mushrooms, 2 withered and scepter, maybe i will put scepter on manitou so this jully can use impatience i am trying to make it without luck potions on shadow so i marry death knight and knusperhexe and then drink lucky potion and nillos elixir. rest of the potions is drunk by main and secondary as soon as i can get the rings, when both main and secondary has maxed out speed i use the speed potions on married knusperhexe and GIB. In the beginning i swipe the white and blue potions for a chance of water potions. i think that is all! =) GL HF

Im playing mazebert for one month now. Best on easy was 39k after 500 rounds but since I got lord roderic i play only hard games. Best so far is 46k after 300 rounds. Every game I change some positions but generally it looks like this: 1 elvis with Imp and 2 withered 2 abyss like mrdrr 3 manitou with Dungeon door and Lucky pants (if i have got enough for more important towers) 4 Scarecrow with 3 Lucky pants and 2 withered 5 Main Shadow with seelenreisser, Reaver, Spectre Set and Hydra Arrow 6 knusperhexe with Imp and 2 Luckies 7 elvis with Imp and 2 withered so far but will try a jilly or something else 8 gib with 3 Luckies and 2 withered 9 MR iron full of speed and Luck with Imp and 2 withered 10 sec Shadow with full withered, Blade of Darkness and excalibur 11 ganesha with 5 keys until i got abyss to lvl99 then jilly with 2 withered and 3 Luckies (married with Scarecrow for some speedpotions) 12 jilly with Imp and 2 Luckies 13 elvis like on #1 14 jilly like on #12 15 jilly with Imp, one key and one Lucky 16 DF with 5 Luckies 17 jilly like on #15 This brought me to 46k on hard but 8 bosses at once killed it :D

You both seem to have a good strategy down already which you are trying to perfect, if I am right? Myself I'm still playing differently every game(maybe I shouldn't do that) because I can't seem to keep myself alive easily on hard mode. That's why I can't number down my strategy yet as of how I play. What is the "thumb rule" as of how you number your towers? Are number 1-3 front row near spawn from 1 (closest to spawn) or 3 (closest to spawn). So it goes 3-2-1 (creeps first walk by 3 then 2 then 1? Or the opposite? Sorry if I'm confusing you! Thanks for the warm welcoming!!!

i want about 13 more wizard levels before i go for hard, easy and hard games will have very different strategies and are hard to compare until lategame, i still leak some on hard and i can't leak if i want a good demon blade :) i stole this pic from a post by jhoijhoi so all creds to her, i saved it from before when i started playing to have a visual map to plan strategies on http://imgur.com/a/VzsM7

Thanks! Very helpful

Wow!!! Just played a game on Hard mode 200 waves. I don't have seelenreisser, spectre set and neither Lord Roderic But I managed to survive 38,167 sec after 200 waves. Went to rank 6 on wave 200 hard mode. (Supose it doesn't matter since I heard ladder would reset anytime now) I used your guys tips and used shadow as a main, he was much better than I thought he would be. I thought he would be weak in the bonus round because adept wouldnt count any longer? Anyways, went from Wizard lvl 77 to 82 from that one game! I think I can go further next time with some changes, altho I wish I had some legendary items!

Nice! Great work m8!! :) how did your setup look like? if you have screenshot you can upload it to imgur and then just paste the link. Yes, shadow is the best carry there is, at 10000% adapt i think it is equivalent to multiplying your dmg 100 times? :) btw what hero do you use?

Ah, I tried Noin setup, but with the hero who give +20% atk speed, it's a 35% atk speed increase with the +15% from wizard. Picked a shadow from the start, started out with the flower and as soon as i got enough gold for shadow i placed him as my second main, with almost full pictures of girls, that way he outlvled my main, had more luck but didnt steal any kills because the picutre stopped alot of the attacks. Made my main a shadow as soon as no mass wave was displaying. But I think i will make 1 change next time. Will use The Ripper as my second main next time. Because when Shadow hitted 10k% adapt he met his limit, and it was showing after some time that he started to have trouble finishing creeps of after a while. That's why I'm going to try with The Ripper, much weaker early and much weaker at the start of the bonus round, but as my main shadow carries, The Ripper keeps building stats infinite, so I supose after 30-40k seconds The Ripper will have the upperhand. Also, I won't destroy the rings next game after the bonus round, because DF gave me aloooot of more great potions to use from throwing rare stuffs he gave me. Main Shadow: A Strong Force set, Excalibur, Blade of Darkness, Hydra Arrow, Reaver. Second Shadow: Full Withered, Mjoelnir and Frozen Heart (Lack of Legendary items)

My max was ~50k on easy, without any legendaries. Now I have most of the legendaries and got 43315 on normal. Sadly I had bad luck at the beginning, so couldn't use demon sword. Shadow has spectral set, reaver, hydra arrow and seelenreisser (+45624% damage). First carry was Holgar (replaced with Elvis). And I forgot to replace the scientist. layout

It's cool to see someone actually playing on normal for a change

It’s cool to see someone actually playing on normal for a change
Might happen more if the ladders reflected it. I've always said the ladders should be catered around Normal, or even Hard. Would help minimize the ridiculous wait times, and it would help drive new tactics.

GIB on #6 does not work as he is too effective slowing down and has to great range so that he and the spider almost keep a boss standing still on the far side so my main with reaver can't reach, and all towers that has the same range will just keep focus on this boss, the boss becomes so incapacitated that other bosses(or when they come 2-3 bosses at a time) just runs past the old boss without anyone attacking or slowing them down because everyone has focus on the first one so my main has to beat them by himself without any slow effects, it was the main reason why i leaked my last game, also bosses that revived like 10 times in a row(i hate those bastards) so in my new setup i will switch places with GIB and beaver so GIB is on #8 and beaver on #6 i think that would solve the problem =) piz / mr

Yes, Gib can be really annoying for doing that (Miss Jilly also has the same issue).

Just finished my current game - i love Lord roderic :D hard 500 main Main: Spectre Set, Reaver,seelenreisser, Hydra Arrow Sec: full withered, excalibur, Blade of Darkness Seelenreisser got 58k Abyss 50k Knusperhexe only 17k (she needs another Spot i think maybe #5? :o ) Scarecrow had 0.04 attack delay Jilly at #11 was gib until 50k sec than I needed a cleaner at creepfront xD gave her seelenreisser to farm kills for my main The big contra: mr iron at min attack delay makes my tablet damn laggy (1 ingame sec became 6 sec on creepcontact). Had to pause really often to put him down for liquid gameplay :/ Hell what a game :3

Really awesome!!! Congratz man. Wish I had Spectre set, Lord Roderic or/and Seelenreisser! Can I ask how your early game strategy was?

With roderic your (early game) strategy will be different to normal Heroes: First tower was a jilly at #5. potions were transmuted for water of life and Speed. after some rounds i placed herb witches (#4, #9, #10, #13, #14), a pocket thief at #6 and a spider at #12. when jilly needs help for boss waves i placed an elvis at #7 and beavers at #8 and #11. scientists in front row #1-3 with Speed items (first mushrooms and later Imp Set, Dungeon door on #3), priority at #2. #15+17 jillies, #16 herb witch (with some keys). #5 jilly replaced with solara as she got enough Speed. Black Widow replaced pocked thief at #6. ganesha with keys replaced beaver at #11. abyss with painting of solea and lucky pants replaced scientist at #2 when I got hades helmet. DF with Luck items replaced herb witch at #16. first dark item put into solaras inventory when she had excalibur, seeelenreiser, mummies, strong Force set and was strong enough to handle waves without trouble. Replaced herb witch at #9 with mr iron when I got loads of cauldron and needed some push back through withered for boss and challenge waves. He sucked mushrooms, Viking helmets, paintings and later some Lucky pants. Placed knusperhexe really late, around wave 400. That was a solid build until round ~450 than I replaced solara with Shadow. Placed sec Shadow at #10 with 5 Luckies to farm adapts. Nillos+legendary Luck potion for Main and abyss (Main shadow will never ever get this again because it leads to waving adapts later BR :/ ) Married #6 with #11/13 for ~70 great Speed potions. Married Main and sec for great crit potions. I placed Gib, scarecrow, elvis at #1 and jillies (#12-14) when I needed them in BR. Until 20k BR i used septer of time without giving a f**k what happend because Shadow just smashed everything. Than I placed manitou at #3 and smashing started again xD Thats it in short i think... :D

@Noin Awesome, more information than I thought I would get. Thanks for taking the time to write all of this! Learning alot from it!!!

Ok so i learned alot my last game, when i got to 30k sec it was as usual like hitting a brick wall, i understand now why everyone is putting their secondary at #10, it is so the main and secondary attacks the same creep right? with my secondary on #3 my main and secondary seldom attacked the same, and it took a while for them to kill a boss separatley, but they absolutley murdered that innocent boss if they had focus on it at the same time, so i think by putting secondary on #10 will give him less range in the start so they have a greater chance of attacking the same target =) + they both will benefit from mr.iron^^ I also learned that at the same time that GIB equipped with mjölner on #8 is an awesome spot it can also work against you under some conditions, if you leak and a boss gets past your killzone, unequip mjölner with haste or the boss will slow down like a snail(but he is past your killzone so you can't kill him) all your jillys in the back will put focus on him and any creep will just fly by and in the end it will cost you less HP to just let the boss go as fast as possible :)

@MRDRR I always used Mjoelnir on my secondary with withered, maybe I should use it on my GIB?

try it =) GIB with mjölner can hold up to 3 creeps ;) but be careful as i said, if a boss gets past your killzone you must unequip it or you will loose more HP than if only the boss gets through

@Noin i remembered you said that you was thinking of a new spot for knus,i think #5 is a bad idea as your main shadow will loose his spot, but i was thinking of maybe put knus on #6? i think it would be perfect but i don't know yet i will test it in my next game and let you know how it went =) i will update my endgame placement on the previous page in a moment