just somethings in mind

I'm a gamer, no programming background whatsoever. Still a rookie in this game (finished 300 wave on normal and survived 663sec on the bonus rpund). I'm really loving this game and these are just somethings I have observed and wanted to ask. Any opinion, replies or feedback is very much appreciated. 1. Never underestimate Miss Jilly. I had it wear 4 luck items and watched it clear a creep wave by itself (DBTPed the whole wave away). I hope something could be done to it to make it usable as a carry. That would be nice. 2. How come I never hear anyone using the frozen daemon card? I tried it once, placed M.Reaver on him and he would slow creeps within 3x3 of the targetted creep. Really great I think. 3. This is based on #2. Does Dried cactus stack? I mean like 2 or 3 DC on one tower? If it does then would it also stack with Knux's ability? And since M.Reaver coupled with Frozen Daemon's abilty causes multiple creeps to be slowed, then would Knux with 3 DC and a M.Reaver cause stacking armor reduction (Knux's abilty plus the 3 DC) and multiple creep effect?. 4. Based on #3. I dont know how big of an impact armor or armor reduction has in this game. But I am hoping it does so carry towers or even support or semi carry towers could contribute more by giving atleast a decent amount of damage in. Instead of relying more on item/potion drops to boost the main carry. These are just some of the things that went through my mind. I'm not very experienced with this kinds of games but I am really digging this game (loving it if you will). Hope it will continue to grow and improve. And still remain FREE ;-) .hehe.

1.) if Jilly's stats would be the one of a carry she would be too over powered. Killing boss and DBTPing the rest of the way? Too easy. :P 2.) Because it increase mobs' armor while slowing them down. I used it and this made me a little sad. 3.) Yes they stack, and yes they work as well with kunx. (There was an issue, that's been fixed in the current version, causing towers to heal mobs.) You probably misread the reaver's ability. It gives the tower the ability to cause splash damage. Since Gib's attacks slow mobs down they get affected by this item. The same does not go for knux's ability which is a status effect. 4.) Armor is indeed a great deal on this game. Knux is in fact really close to being necessary in this game, IMO, I am not a fan of a tower being necessary in this kind of games soI suggested a tower that would probably change this, but sadly Andy hasn't answer on it yet. (See Abyss Walker in card ideas). Since I have never seen you around allow me to welcome you in this forum. Enjoy your staying and have fun! :)

Hi @icen, welcome! Just to add a few things to Manu's comments. 1. She is awesome, yes. However, if you make her your main, it's going to be very hard for you to win the bonus round. As she focuses on the first target, it means that she will lock down the first boss that comes your way and let all the other creeps go past. You can deal with this for a little while with the Reaver, but in the end, the creeps will overpower you. Oh, also, wearing 4 Lucky Pants versus 800% attack speed (with Impatience Set) - it's much better to run an Impatience Set + 1x Lucky Pants for more chances of DBT. 3. Again, you're better off using Impatience Set on Knux, so she eats more children to get that armour reduction going. If you're looking for a way to use Cactusi, it's great to get the Withered 2 item set bonus, which sends attacked creeps back in time. I tend to have this set on my Mr. Iron, who procs it constantly during the bonus round. 4. Armour pen is very important in Mazebert TD. Personally, I'd be happy to pay money to play Mazebert TD, but only if it's reasonable, of course.

Wow. Thanks guys for these awesome feedbacks. @Manu: 1.yeah I think your right. Jilly being a carry could be very overpowering. But how about if they could do something about how her ability scales as she levels. Maybe nerf it down a bit, like instead of 1% plus 0.1%/level, how about tuning it to 0.05% per level? I dont know how you guys do the math here but thats just an idea. 2. How about a cactus to negate the armor gain? I did that once. Dont know if it worked. Haha. 4. True. I also dont like the idea of a tower being a necessity. I think its better to being able to diversify your tower/item options and combos. And not relying too much on a tower every game. **thanks for the welcome. I'm really enjoying my stay. @jhoijhoi 1. Oh thanks for those great ideas. Never really thought of it that way (still finding my way around this game.). Once i did like 2 withered set and 2 lucky pants. It was kinda fun watching her DBTPed the whole mob away and pushing back the bosses. I will try your suggestion. Thanks **yeah i think this game is worth paying. But I hope that doesnt happen. Hahaha. And by the way guys, does luck affect item abilties? Like for example the 2% for 2 withered set?. Thanks

Hi @icen, I'm not sure, but it makes sense that items should be affected by luck. That's a question for Andy ^^

Yes luck affects all chance based abilities, also those on items! I just checked the code of the withered set warp ability to be sure:
private function onTowerAttack(target:Creep):void
  if (tower.isAbilityTriggered(0.02))

@jhoijhoi and @Andy: thanks guys. Cant wait for official release of the new map on the playstore. By the way @Andy: there is one thing I have noticed with the potion section. There was one time while transmuting lower tier potions, all my mead potions turned to yellow potions (i think it was strenght). Not only with the mead but other potions as well, there would be time they will turn to other potions of yellow tier (blue tier water turning to yellow tier potion.. etc). It didnt only happen once, but a couple of times at different games. I hope this is already addressed on the upcoming version.