Am I right in thinking that xp from the bonus round gets added into your overall xp for the ladder? I really don't like this idea if it's the case. People are getting really long bonus rounds which is adversely affecting positions on the ladder (they're shooting up levels whilst bumping others down). It's a good idea to have a normal and bonus round ladder, however I think they should be separate. But I appreciate it's probably a bit too late for that now. Also (and this might just be me), the game progress ladder doesn't display properly in Firefox, the text is over to the right of the table!

I agree. The amount of experience gained in bonus round is going to be reduced in the next bugfix release. Also, the loopholes to create such long bonus round scores will be closed (At least I hope so :-D). I just downloaded firefox and will check out the ladder display problem. Had no display problems on chrome/mobile safari.

See what you mean :-D Fixed it! Thanks for the hint.

Awesome, thanks Andy! :)

hey my summoner name is cam rank 417 and level 64 while playing my game crashed and now i started back at level 1 anyway you can help me out?

Hi, sorry for that! I recovered your savecode and sent you a mail.