Ladder categories for type

I would love to see how I rank in bonus rounds when I use a Darkness only deck, or a Nature Metro deck, etc. Think there is a way to implement this? For instance, I was doing the Darkness / Metro (I also had the Darkness / Nature quest so I figured I would double down and do Darkness only.)quest and I forgot to reset the waves to 200. No worries, I thought and did a 500 wave, Darkness only run. I made it to around 4000s bonus time and, 1) would like to have something to show for a single (Or duel) deck run, and 2) would like to see how that run compares with others. As a side note, I didn't get quest credit for the Dark / Nat quest, although I did get credit for the Dark / Met quest. Any reason for that?

For the former point, I agree fully. I'd like to see more "options" for viewing the ladder, not sure how hard it would be on Andy though. For the latter point, yes, seems to be a weird thing happening with the last update, we're all feeling it. You can still complete the "uncompleted" quest in another round.