Ladder Key

Where can i found the Ladder Key for the Forum-Profil? Sry for my bad english, iam from Austria ;) THX and Have Fun

Hi Solyom! Welcome on board :-) When you press Ladder in the main menu of the game, your ladder key is displayed. Now, you can enter this key on your forum profile and it should display your ladder progress there, too.

Thx for the Info. The Name is Savecode. Thats the reason i didnt found the Code. Lol.

Hey, you are right. Didn't realize that I've been mixing up terminology here. I changed the profile information in wordpress to 'Ladder savecode' and also added a bit more information to it. Thanks for the hint and happy building :-)

Nice addition andy. I remember when I first started it took me a bit to figure that out. That tip text should definitely clear things up.