Level 99 tower info

Here is a spreadsheet of stats from each tower if they are level 99. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au5RpDWBqqUbdHJhejVpbXh0eU1YRnJ5ZHc2eVBGMFE#gid=0 Some interesting things to note: Elvis Imitator has a surprisingly high DPS going up to 3rd place (losing to Muli and Black Window) Blofield Satellite has the lowest DPS (not counting Ganesha and Manitou as they have 1 damage) so it is useless without gold. Dandelion has the highest DPS of the common set which is interesting due to the fact that most AoE towers have lower damage than their single/multi target counterpart. Baby Rabbit is almost useless. Knusperhexe is pretty disappointing damage wise. (how does the -armor take into effect anyhow?) If you count the DoT damage just as 100% damage, Poison Frog actually beats out even Muli (until multi gets drunk). The DPS on an individual hit from poison frog is pretty powerful as well.

Dang that's sweet! I just played / lost countless games to achieve info like that doh! Haha :) It looks much nicer in a spreadsheet than I could imagine. Great job! Regarding your points though: It seems dandelion gets the dmg boost because he has no race therefore no strength or weakness vs any race. The higher dmg makes him invaluable for mass waves but he's pretty slow overall. Baby Rabbit is definitely not useless for the beginning game. Remember whatever his avg dmg is can be multiplied by up to 3 depending his number of targets. I've never tried him as a carry though and now I want too! Knusper gets insanely powerful boosts even after its recent major nerfing. -armor values increase total dmg to the creep. That can be found here https://mazebert.com/2013/09/21/creep-abilities/ That's all I have though. Hope it helps a bit. Thanks for taking the time to create and share this info :)

Welcome on board! Thumbs up for sharing this spreadsheet, that's a very interesting perspective on the available tower options. I will try to shed some light on your questions! Dandelion The damage calculation takes besides min/max damage and cooldown also the range into account. So the reason for Dandelion having greater DPS is basically because all other common towers have a higher range. EDIT: Unfortunately my latex plugin doesn't work in the forum. I added a post for a more in-depth damage explanation: Click me

Can you revise the stats of all towers as per latest version. Although this spreadsheet is good you know