Light seems bad

Have a quest to win with light and metro and the furthest I've been is 165. I've tried King Arthur a few times, but, of course, the Xcal never drops. The only legends I have are the horn that makes potions better and the hydra arrow for the poison. Tried Phoenix a few times and eventually died to bosses. My best run was Hitman main carry with Phoenix for the waves, but even with Impatience set, Hitman fell behind. Though, I never did get the light saber or the Xcal, nor Ygg (RNG has hated me), though I'm not sure that would be enough. The only real CC I have is the gargoyles, and their base attack speed is soooo low that I just get overrun. Anything else I can try? Also, I noticed the rare Impatience item didn't work on Phoenix, nor did a globed alchemist. I'm wondering if the Hydra arrow with work, as it seems like a fantastic combo. I just can't seem to get it to drop. Anything else I can try would be much appreciated.

Phoenix does not „hit“ enemies so all attack effects do not work. I never carried with Arthur. Temples is a mich better choice imho. But yeah light can be kinda hard. If you have the card you could play loan shark with black widow from deckmaster.

Hi, Hyper. I'm beginner on this game, but I have many years gaming experience and thats help me to any kind of new game. I will share my beginner strategy in the section "Guides" so everyone can find it easy. (I wrote this when I was at level 41)

Kami, do you mean Stonecutter? I find it difficult to get a non carry tower to 99 without elephant. I did finally win with Hitman carry. I put alchemists everywhere and turned one into a laser, one into a Black Widow. And the rest in the group of 8 into Pubs. Elvis in the middle of the first 3, and the rest into Banks. Got to 200 without much difficulty, but got awesome luck with item drops. And, Ken, I'll check it out. I appreciate it. Finally, I have the legendary item that makes potions 10% better, but even on wave 300 using Ygg and wedding rings, the info screen never shows it doing more damage than any rare item. Does it ever get good? Also, what's a good item set without Black Market cards on Hrothgar, and how many mead should I give him before I start transmutting them? Thanks again!

to my knowledge i don't think that item is relevant unless you can just use equip it drink then unequip, under most cases multicrit should be better at that point unless your carry can't crit? or needs 10% higher attack speed to infinitely scale faster?

The drinking horn is no carry item. It has special uses for mid game Holgar builds. (The luck potion gets buffed too and luck is a rare resource) And I was talking about Templar. (Damn auto correct)