low rof

this game pisses me off....the low rofs of all towers but shadow makes it impossible to play anything but shadow. Huli/muli dont work cause low dmg...balu has huge low rof....wtf? I used to love this game cause its strat diversity but now? After i believe 2 years i will be uninstalling cause for me is unplayable

I'm really sad to hear this. Personally I don't even use shadow. Holgar is always my go-to carry whenever I play. The amount of potion generation you get out of him makes him an extremely strong carry. Transmuting 400+ meads in a single game is quite ridiculous. With that said I do get where you are coming from. Currently we are working on a big update for the end of this month introducing new challenges, 7 new towers, and i believe a new map. This might help the diversity of the game.

I use Electric chair as main carry tho it rly depends on how lucky you get with items if the strategy is going to fly. Also how do you make a shadow work as a carry I tried it a couple of times and it always fails any tips you can give as to how to start/placement and what items to aim on for the shadow.