main purpose

I have been playing this game with a few mates on a few phones (motorola, s2, s5, htc sensation) And at the end of our games, we realize that we have been playing the game with different purpose, there's the most exp, most money made, highest attack speed, highest damage and the longest survival time. for me, I play to be able to survive the longest, what about you guys? The Card Idea category seems to be a little less populated now, so i'll post this here. With all the new cards and items that came out recently, i feel that the old ones, well, they deserve to be back in the trend as they were the cards that we use to survive before the new ones come out. e.g. Muli The Evil Twin. a rare card, yet i hardly use it now. Balu the bear, scarecrow, electric chair, elvis imitator, huli the monkey, wolf, etc... maybe we could think of how to boost them to get them back into the game ;)

I play the game because I enjoy TDs mainly. I also think some tower should get a comeback but more than that I think we need freshness, new towers, new maps (which are coming). But having many towers mean you have less chance to get what you seek. Which is why I probably would like the idea of setting bonus towers with new maps; for example, a map called "prison" comes out, a cool feature would be that Guardian, Watcher, Judge etc would drop. A map called "city" gets Mayor and so on. Those maps also lose some towers tho, so to balance things out. But well, I'm just throwing the idea. :)