Mead Bottle Question

I've been playing a lot with Holgar the Horrible and I've been farming a lot of Mead Bottle, my question is: are they good? That 2% chance of missing is making me doubting the effectiveness of this potion. The potion itself isn't good enough, is easily overwhelmed by few other potions. It would be at least of use if you could transmute it, but you can't because it's rare. So if I'm right in my understanding of the effective of this potion I might suggest to make it transmutable and to get another rare potion out of it, at least it would be of use. If I'm wrong I'm sorry. :)

Now this is a GREAT idea!! Some other hard alcolic stuff for Holgar. Also I thought the bottles wern't that bad, but maybe they need a buff meanwhile.. Will check on it. Any suggestion for the powered up mead? :-D

Actually, I have one pretty long, but I'll try to be as clear as possible. Also, I've had a discussion with ManuWins, and we agreed that the Holgar's mead bottle should be his top skill. Having a lot of mead bottles just for transmuting isn't such a great idea. You'd preferably use them in order to improve Holgar, but the trade-off here (the 2% probability) is very big, and the result is the exact opposite if you misuse it. So then, my proposal would deal with fixing some aspects of Holgar: Holgar has two skills: double axes and mead bottle. Removing the 2% probability from Holgar's mead bottle without affecting anything else would mean turning him into something too overpowered. For this reason, I'd propose to take off the double axe, though this, in turn, would weaken Holgar too much. This should be balanced increasing Holgar's range of 1 point, and raising his attack-speed of few points (this latter is less mandatory, though). Improvements summary: + Mead bottle enhancement (no side effect, Holgar's top skill). - Double axe (mead bottle balancing) + 1 range/0.X attack-speed point(s) (double axe balancing) And we've a great main tower :) Just raise its initial price so players don't buy it from early rounds.

I think Holgar the Horrible is good as it is with his Double Throw ability since it makes more sense for his viking nature. I think we agree that something must be done about this, so I thought about making Mead Bottle an uncommon potion, leaving the miss chance and reduce Holgar the Horrible's chance to find one to 0.5% or less. This makes sense to me because if it is a main tower then it will be at high level therefore both a Small Potion of Strength and of Crit will exceed the benefits of the Mead Bottle. One thing make me a little bit hesitant on approving my idea: what if Holgar the Horrible finds too many potions? In one of my playthrough I managed to get 45 Mead Bottle, considering I had my main at 89 what would happen if I were to use all of them without considering the miss chance? easy enough: Holgar would get +315% damage; +45% crit chance; +450% crit damage. Now that is a lot considering I only had to get through few waves. (10-15) If we consider the miss chance I would have reached 90%. With all due respect, I would prefer not to use them if I have to, almost, lose my main tower.

I tried getting bottles and my luck just sucks..takes forever and then when u do get them it has a 2 percent chance to misss? Also saw it's for Holgate only..sso was thinking if this potion gets redone..could be cool to have a new item like a hoary viking helmet..If someone wears it they use the potion. If the helmet is taken off its destroyed so can't just swap it around.

Yes, we definitely agree that the miss chance should be removed, with the price of something else. Whether the change would result in lowering its possibility or taking off the double axe, I think it is fair leaving this to Andy. I believe we've been yet enough invasive with such suggestions :) Of course we don't mean to force you doing this, Andy. Fix Holgar as you please, just this.

I kinda think Glamrune idea is fun, just think about the viking helmet and a tower wearing it would be a viking wannabe. I find the idea pretty good even tho I disagree with the item destruction once it's been taken off. I think there should be a side effect to prevent the player abusing it. I vote for the helmet tho. ;)

thanks for all your suggestions regarding Holger. I think you are right, compared to a lot of other carry options around he needs a slight buff. I just talked back with the creator of that tower. The idea of him was to make the player decide when to stop giving mead to Holgar. So the whole thing should be a risky balance between giving him too much or too less alcohol. With too much he is insanely strong but too drunk to hit. With too little he might be too weak. So by removing the miss chance this intentiom would be gone. In general, I think the bonus of a mead bottle should get a slight buff, so that the bonus (at least on the first few bottles) is so attractive that the 2% malus doesn't matter. I like the idea to reduce the rarity of the mead to uncommon. This way you can get rid of the mead, when you decide that Holgar had enough ^^ PS: Luck also reduces miss chance if I am not completely mistaken. PPS: The Helm sound s like a lot of fun :-) I propose that (like the mead) the helmet can only be found by Holgar.

Yeah, sounds very good to me. Maybe a new buff could be an increase of finding the helmet, so the player would be more tempted to use them. (?)

The Helmet will be added to 0.9.3!