Mr Iron

I know this has probably been asked a million times, but do the bonuses from Mr Iron's integrated items apply to a tower rebuilt on him? eg integrating a magic mushroom then building a shadow tower for the bonus attack speed

Hi! When replacing mr. iron, all integrated items are lost!

More questions, sorry about this. I don't know much about the game. 1. How does Impatience's Wrath work? Is it permanent? 2. Can uniques only drop once? 3. How does luck affect abilities like Shadow's adapt. 4. How does attack speed scale? I noticed that with my shadow at 0.5 it took a hell of a lot more % to get to 0.4 than to get to 0.5 Cheers

No probs, hope the following helps :-) 1. 2. Uniques (and legendaries) can only drop once! 3. Have a look here. 4. The formula for resulting cooldown is baseCooldown / (1 + attackSpeed). This means that the closer you get to 0 the more potions are required, and 0 is never reached :-) So at some point it makes sense to gamble speed potions or give it to your support towers. Cheers!