Multiplayer idea

ok so i have an idea, inspired from another game, for a new branch game inside mazebert. The multiplayer idea is a chalkenge between players. Ok here it goes. You start by picking 5 lvl99 towers and 3-4 lvl 40 ones, 12 baby pots, 6 blue pots and 4 golden ones. You start with one complete set each and 1 piece of items of each. You then start the game directly from the bonus round...so creeps will come one after another and the idea is to survive as much as you can with any build you come up with. Before starting the game you get to choose a player close ranked to you and battle with him..,whomever gets the highest seconds wins special xp for some multiplayer available only skills...skills like one tower gets 100% luck increase or something else. I suggest this because the game now lasts so much that if you dont have the necessary time...like 1-2-3 hours i see no point in playing...implenenting this would give an alternative for quick games and also would make matters more interesting other than the current bonus round seconds table that doesnt stimulate much...

I like the idea of a bonus round buttttt what if instead you both start at lvl 1 . and you both get the Same towers randomed to you , with only 50 waves (MUCH harder more gold awarded more loot more towers, like compressing 500 levels into 50). First one to reach level 50 Successfully Wins.

@bampiru: This is an excellent idea. Any chance you are referring to Hearthstone when talking about the other game? It's my favorite game on the iPad right now, extremely well done! @syotos: Great idea with burning it down to 50 rounds and add speed as factor. This way the amount of time for one such game would be easily controlled (finite amount of rounds vs theoretically endless bonus round). I will keep this in mind for sure! Right now my goal for the next few releases was to focus more on single player content. Like daily quests and adventures with rewards. But I agree with you, we need more endgame content :-)

i am reffering to empire defense 2...a simple td with not much content that keep the players in just with the multiplayer cause the single player sux.