My challenge to you all!

I have a challenge to all of you that I will pay when I get home. It will involve seeing if you can beat a few things I have done on endless wave.

Nice! I'm very excited about this! Challenge accepted, sir, whatever it may be ;-)

Since khaos doesnt check the forums much, I will inform him and we accept ;) As for son shine she says shes taking a break now that she finally reached l70. Ima still try to get her on board!!

First off I want to see what is the highest hit you guys/gals have done now that there is 1000 waves. 3.6B for myself Challange #1 Beating all 1000 waves without using the Cube or Forge (bonus for not loosing a single life!?) Challange #2 How far can you get with having only one tower built at a time. On a side note, try using Gib, the Frozen Daemon with the whole Withered set and 0.1 attack speed ;).

What are we comparing to for challenge 2?

Oh and I've actually not had time to do 1k waves in 8.2 so ill see what my highest dmg is when I finish this game eventually. Figure a few days at least, im currently reading 2 books and work has been too busy to get many waves in.

I actually have yet to try the single tower one yet. Still trying my new strat to top 10b damage. I know I can do 10b+ just going to take time. Gib is an OP card.... add in the Wither set and you will be hard pressed to nto kill a challange.

10 billion damage? i did 1,150,200,000,000 (1.15 trillion) damage in the 1000 waves, beat it first time, i switched from muli to shadow around wave 300, also using a reaver on gib (insanely good) with 3 magic mushrooms makes the game somewhat easy imo, the only things that got through after i got my set up going were mass challenges and it was about half of them, i killed every "boss type" challenge although i used the forge and cube i got rid of them around wave 400 i think because i didnt need anything else on a side not i gained 14 levels doing the 1000 levels

In a single hit? My total was 1.555 tril.

First time playing endless. max damage in a single hit i got is 22.8B. Trying to duplicate the result and post SS about it.

Ok on my second endless game I have 5.2b gold instead of 590m so I think I can do some good damage. Plus my tower layout is WAY better for insane damage. Tho the layout COULD be better. Currently on wave 327 and I do NOT have the unique sword from Dark forge but still here is my Shadow's stats at this wave. That is a 1500x more damage then the "Average damage"

Here's how challenge 1 ended...

my current game is a shadow game lol tho I hae 5.9b I do not have the dark forge blade or even nearly the amount of potions i could have.... shadow can not kill mass challange waves lol.

I love shadow! Alas I dont think ill use him for challenge 2. Id much rather the reliable electric chair. Lets see what happens when I get some more time :)

I think shadow is far more reliable. Put on the axe with 3 leggings and 0.1 ASPD and you will get over 1k% more damage to each type per mass challange wave.

I dunno buddy. Mono tower challenge is pretty rough. It seems I fall off just around 200 waves everytime but I cant wait to see what happens when I finally land a lucky run.

mono tower is tough.. just 1 tower at each wave, its so tough...

So out of 10-15 games my ideas for mono tower just seem to suck. 200 waves is my cap and I believe I am happy with that for now. It is hindering my leveling, testing, skill growth and thus forth I will step out of challenge 2 where I currently stand. I have yet to hear from khaos but im sure he's plugging away at some idea or another. I'll update you when I find out :)

Still on my second endless game... i took a break. Shadow has done a high of 13.8B at wave 596. I don't think ANY tower can beat a shadow by wave 990+ for highest hit. At least with out a bug or exploit.

Ok I have to update lol I have now done 35.7B with my shadow on wave 598 LOL!

Ok I will stop updating everytime I get a new high damage... I'm at 55B. I will be adding a new challange after patch 9.0 when/if the new "weading" set is added. Nothing special just dual tower Challange (excluding unique towers ;) )

Got to ~ 130 with 1 tower and lost most of my health because of bad dungeon door spawns and shadow being unable to deal with horsemen /:

latest update, i got a 874.8B dam on my satellite. still got room for improvement. but let me level to 70 first. how am i going to upload image from local?

Geez, and I thought my 693.9B shadow was good. What items do you use?

1 dark blade, 1 excalibur, 2 frozen heart. i was lucky to have my money bins up by wave 120. but placement for carry is too near, never maximised the amped effect.

@cyrus: Unfortunately, image uploads are not possible out of the box with bbpress. Currently the only solution is to use external linkage. I think @Kad is using photobucket for this. By the way, that's an amazing best hit. This reminds me, I must add a trillion (T) abbreviation to the next version ;-)

Indeed photobucket works. There may be better solutions but ive been using it for years across several games so never changed.

What about this one? Challenge #3. You must use at least two carry towers.

@cyrus you must have had over 20B gold to do that much.... I didn't get a dark forge blade but I have 5.9B Gold and my day had problems breaking 100B damage. My shadow only did 799.9B because he had over 60k% to his special bonus.

My total damage does really needs a T, i got a 99700B for that run.. 799B is high compared to sat, as sat needs lots of luck in the first 200 wave.

@cryus: I created a ticket for it! Expect it in the next version ;-)

I finished my second endless (shadow carry) but I started a new Muli carry so I am being to lazy to upload screens lol. My Muli game will take over 8 hours of sitting to finish but I think I will have over 50k% crit damage EASY. 16285.5% crit damage on wave 301.