My endless wave game.

This is my endless wave end screens. I had about 590m when I first built my Sat around wave 320-330. The wolf picture was just a stat test. Wolf stat test character stat pagePrimary end tower

I was curious if sat wouod work... hows the cash flow going? Positive or negative wave to wave?

@kad It is negative. Takes 8k+ an attack with 590m and monsters only give 800 avg with 800~ gold find.

Hmm so unfortunately itll dissolve eventually. Perhaps if you can get a few bil by wave 200 then use items to reduce your attack thus reducing cost per kill itll work. Gotta find some time to test :)

don't worry about it dissolving. I'm still at over 560m at wave 900 and I'm only getting stronger from potions. broke 1b damage and 1trill total.

OK just beat endless. I will post screens when I get home. The l lost were careless mistakes on my part with black widow as main.

Well then looks like muli and sat carry work well enough. Gonna hafta try balu next :)

I replaced my carry with balu for a while - didn't really work out. Electric Chair with Messer on the other hand... :O

Updated with screens.

Will update to a much better endless game when I'm finished.

How do you take a screenshot on the iOS version? I think I may be able to win this with my Balu carry. Currently on wave 537.

Hitting the home button and standby button together. Unfortunately 0.8 is not yet approved by apple :-(

This is my first endless wave and surprisingly turned out to be successful especially considering that I had some fairly bad luck initially with the cube spawning at wave 50 and no yellow towers and using a scarecrow at the position of the carry. It wasn't until I had a Balu/Gib combination where Gib help offset Balu's weakness with bosses. Oddly the only level that I leaked was normal type creeps. Layout field A relatively simple field. Note that the herb witch between Knus and Balu has Hades helm with the full wither set. Her speed is increased to 0.2 seconds per shot so she can amplify the damage on an enemy quickly. All of the Gibs have 2 item+ 2 mushrooms wither set to constantly boot back some enemies while slowing them down. Beavers have mushrooms on their inventory (originally 7l boots). I completely forgotten I had an elvis in that corner... Balu (carry) Balu has Excalibur, one Blade of Darkness and two cacti to ignore almost all of the enemies' armor. That is probably why his average damage looks rather small but between ignore damage and amplify, I had no troubles with bosses/horseman/challenge which what Balu usually has problems with normally. Knusperhexe hungers! I equipped her with 2 magic pants and 2 mushrooms. Each attack she is virtually guaranteed to eat a mass creep. So basically while my carry tower is pretty well fed, my support towers was doing their work allowing Balu to take more damage. The other towers were to impede the enemies' progression. Dark Forge is mostly to hit level 99 and start spamming keys once he reaches lvl 99 thanks to Ganesha/dark item which jump started everyone else nearby. PS: The 1000 wave horseman died in one hit.

Normal waves are generally the hardest ones after all.

Hmm sounds like a pretty good run. My only suggestion regarding play over placement or item choice generally speaking is that since knus gets capped at 120 meals now you probably should have nerfed her with pumpkins so balu could shine on the mass waves. His item chance/quality is ridiculously higher than knus and you probably would have ended with a significantly higher max/avg dmg. Gratz though :) I was gonna try balu eventually and now I dont have to, thank you!

Didn't know there is a cap on Knus's armor reduction per eaten mob. Isn't chance/quality capped at 300%? That is why Knus had 300%. I mostly put the rest on Balu because I tend to use everything on my carry tower anyhow (the two tower kill potion I used on a lvl 60ish hitman next to the cube and a lvl 1 scientist so I don't accidentally kill my carry). I admit my average damage is low and not sure if it is because I had cacti instead of damage items. Also in regards to Balu as a carry. It is best to actually stall enemies so that he can fit on more cuddles for more damage which is how he scales well as a carry. His Earthquake passive lets him clear out masses ridiculously easy. Strangely, he seems to have problems initially with bosses and moreso with normals without proper CC from Elvis to his left and where Manitou is.

Yup in 8.2 there is a new cap on how awesome knus can become. During the intial 8.0 testing knus could reduce armor so greatly that even level 1 towers presented a massive threat to high level waves. It is listed in the card text now. As for drop rate...I think the drop rate was 400% and quality was higher but Andy was unclear exactly how much. Indeed the total damage is low for 1k waves but the cacti did seem to offset it well. I cant help but love to place excalibur + wither set on my carry these days. Lastly, it is indeed accurate that one may wish to slow creeps greatly to increase max cuddles per game. Gib has a very powerful effect for now with messer and coupled with high level elvis towers one could feasibly quadruple total game play time. In theory balu should be able to outgrow any threat with such a set up if he was placed far enough back.. maybe on spot two :)

OK manage to get another success on my endless but this time it is a Bear Hunter carry. Bear hunter CarryIt's a trap! The damage is very low for a 1k round, in fact less than half of what my Balu was and he was low as it is, mainly because his damage doesn't directly scale upward like some other carries. The reason why he worked out so well is because, unlike most towers, Bear Hunter is constantly being useful even when there are no enemies in range. In this case, he is constantly placing traps. This mean he is always "attacking" even when no enemies are in range. Think of it as the scarecrow concept on steroids (given the fact that scarecrow has a cap on stored crows). As one would expect, fliers gave some initial problems but not for too long. The biggest problem is actually because of the treasure goblin and it is because of the wither set bug which sometimes causes him to clip through my tower and bypass past my kill zone. Due to this, I had to use Hades Helm to start covering the outer rim instead of the 3 squares. At 0.1 seconds per attack, the Bear Hunter can lay down 50 traps in between delays of each wave and that is not counting the time it takes for the creeps to approach the traps though you are stuck with a lower attack speed until near the end but anything below 0.5 second suffices. To reduce the number of traps it takes to kill a unit, units are often amplified though this only works on bosses/challenges/horsemen since the wither set proc may push the amped target behind another creep which will consume more traps to kill.

haven't posted here in a while, figured I'd brag a bit about my moneybox luck:

Hey Infinity, lovely cashflow you got there :-) Hope you got a chance to see your withered set in action!

Any1 started a run with a cube as carry so far?