my highest max hit

Is 77.3 million on a shadow Idk how to upload pictures from my phone if u can guide me I show u the screenshot

Upload your image to imgur.com, for example, and copy the BBCode. Select the button 'IMG' in the option here and paste your link. Should look like this: Img src="link" alt="" /> I deleted the first "<" so you could see it. Hope you found this helpful. :)

Nice shadow you have. But it could be stronger! If you didn't know, the revear on mass challenges builds up a huge adapt. ;)

Should I use luck items and reaver on mass lvls or so luck not increase adept

Used the reaver on mass challange this time survived 1708 on 400 waves

I think you are rocking it! Almost 300M there, now, can you get to 300? Try using Mr. Iron as a support. ;)

Had Mr iron before I even got my shadow lol drops don't seem to be in my favor at what point should I stop using water of life?

I think when you reach 500 is enough. Never really paid attention tho, I guess when you feel the drop haven't changed after consuming 2 to 4 great water of life (yellow). Also, did you feed Mr. Iron with barrels and cauldrons?

Yes I did I have tried marrying shadow to holgar iron and scar and don't see to much of a difference I need more dmg on challenge and horseman

It's strange you get that speed then. :/ At 500+ your shadow will go at 0.1, try to get there and it should be easier!

Who should I marry to my shadow? In your opinion

I don't know actually. You could marry him to knux or Mr. Iron. I have no idea at all. :D Sorry.

I did 1B on my shadow.. XD

That's a huge progress! And that's impressive as well. Well done buddy. ;)

Holy shit! :-D

Thanks @Manu. Your inputs were a great help.@Andy keep 'em improvements coming. I really like where this game is going. XD

Thanks @ManuWins. XD

Mu hightest average damage is 1.1 billion :)

@norvask: In 1.0?

my top dmg is 445.9M with ironman and 520M with shadow

@andy yes in latest version, and i just broke my record a few days ago, now 2.8 B using satellite tower . always failed with shadow strategy -_-

I think I just nailed the game.. I've got this bonus round up going that looks like its never gonna end. It has got me from lvl 68 to 69 and is still going. atm survived 4500 seconds and my shadow is at 2.2B

Nice1, thanks for reporting :-) How far did you come in the end with your strategy?

i just got 1.2B with shadow and 634.7M on mr.iron on twisted paths @ easy difficulty, lasted 5738 sec. sorry for bad pictures, i dunno how i take screenshots with my phone so i borrowed my GF's phone to take pictures on my progress, there are 8 pictures in total dont know either how to upload pictures directly to forum so i used imgur peace! http://imgur.com/IY4yWhH,TcU46hU,6MaJdDY,hsYXzmM,oudTz7P,ZmDkzpM,D9E53dz,hEGUMQG i noticed the picture is a link to imgur for the other pics just click the pic

Absolutley love the look of all those crit-bubbles in picture 6!

yeah it was tnx to the Abyss King's army, and all jilly's, A-K and gib had impatience/pants and mr.iron and shadow on 0 CD =) though i didn't have all them jillys to begin with i had the dark forge, black widow, Muli, 1 Huli and a bear hunter aswell but sacrificed married dark forge and black widdow to get more HP, and then switched to jillys for lategame coz huli,muli and bearhunter was not doing anything even if they got some hits they never did any real dmg or had a chance to level up so they had to be scrapped =)

3b http://imgur.com/OS8UW20 Not my best, but still one of the best. Survived 8000s if i not wrong with this one. --> too much wwater life potions i guess, since the cap for item quality dan item chance is only 400% This thread is challenged me to make a higher ss. lol

@mrdrr with the same formation, change the ms jilly right next to herb witch with knuxspehere. The ull see the shadow's damage booost. Moreover if the knux had eaten 2000+ creeps. Yum yum

AK and knusperhexe? i never tried dual mass creep eating strat before =) the pictures don't show but i had AK on top of the starting line above mr.iron. but wont she eat AK's creeps or are there enough for both of them? i think i had 2-2.5k something in AK's army btw MAN you had a sweet shadow =) i had one before with 30k in all shadows % skills but only got 520M that time this time i changed for shadow in round 420ish so i didn't get to much % but the potions was better boost i think, yeah i also get too much water of life ;)

My strategy is with 3 main dps. From the beginning i put shadow and give him ONLY speed potions (aspd set+picture of xxx) , i wont let him killing creeps coz is still have another 2 dps tower = 2x holgar. Both holgar is my main mead potions factory(i dont give all potions, just enough to clear the waves). The other tiles, i put knux, ak, iron man (feed him ONLY key of skel, speed item (until 0.0s) herb witch cauldron, book of exp, and luck items), manitou, Ganesha, black widow. And the rest tile i put money bin (until 1mil interest cap). At lvlv 400, i change my ganesha to aco of greed th3n dark forge Lv500 i turn dark forge into aco greed then change again into blood demon and eat the demon using the pot. So i only have 100%life. The create new lv1 novice wizard. Change all unused items into pots. The main holgar+shadow eat all potions. The 2nd holgar change into scarface(but very lag) or teddy bear When at survival 8000s, i change the main holgar into satellite (with 345mils gold it damage is 4-6 b and slowly decreases). The damage of shadow is abt 4b. The rest is something like this until 12k secs survival http://imgur.com/g6Pgvfv But i accidentally turn my scarface into ms jilly, and dont have another scar card. Lols. Too bad i dont have full ss, only those final formation. Next time ill ss my tower and formation.

i starting to liked novice wizard. They good at kicking back the booses and flying creep. The main function of this novoce wizz is to make the ms jilly's changes her targets. (Froms boss into normal creep) well sometimes u not lucky enough. Lol Notes: with the complexity of this game, i realize one of important factor in this game is how u level ur tower fast. So u can get all the potions bonus (and skill bonus proc or chance). Lv99 elvis (combined with high damage area tower) real badass!

Shadow Best hit: 16.2B Damage dealt: 9.4T I don't know how to upload the screenshot to this page TEST http://imgur.com/C7JeI50

upload to imgur and then just put link here =)

Damm wrath, thats was very very super cool!!! Here my latest game: http://imgur.com/t0gGinG My shadow http://imgur.com/XNoN25F

@Wrath that was a awesome tower!! i will try some of your strats in the near future @norvask i always wanted to try a 99 elvis but i've been too much of a chicken to do so ;) but even though the novice wizard have some benefits i feel him too risky to go for, but the 3 main thing i have to try, i only had 1 main married with iron and thus made iron like a semi carry, very strong but not enough at least got me to 7700+ seconds(on blood moor on easy), about 5-5.5k seconds in the 2 other maps, never tried golden map yet, i have put my strat in the strategy forum,

why can't i see my image... and how do i delete my post below

could be it takes some time to refresh or i dunno, but very easy only go to imgur and upload picture, copy link and paste link here in forum, then it will show eventually, seen a picture or 2 that took a while to be seen, but most are instant

but if the forum can't read the link you would be able to see the link text, i only uploaded once but then my link adress text was not visible but exchanged with the first pictue of my upload thus the picture becoming the link of your 3 reply's i only se the first you say you cant see pic and how to delete(dont remember as i cant see your text as i reply), the second is only blank and the third only say null btw you cant delete posts i think only edit them i did not do this IMG thing myself and still worked out great but this may be your problem posted originally by @manuwins: Upload your image to imgur.com, for example, and copy the BBCode. Select the button ‘IMG’ in the option here and paste your link. Should look like this: Img src=”link” alt=”” /> I deleted the first “<” so you could see it. Hope you found this helpful. :)

@GOD1 There was the .png missing at the end of your image url. Rest was fine! I removed your empty posts from the thread. And.. what monster shadow did you create?! Nice :-D How did you manage to get to 66000% bonus damage? Cheers & thanks for sharing!

http://imgur.com/WefG3BW My newest highest shadow damage ;). Too bad i cant resume the game. ;(

Wow.. if only i have Seelenreisser.. cant seem to get it...

I dont have sennheiser yet. the items are: Blade of darkness x1 Excalibur x1 Freezing heart x1 And sword from demon thingy x1 Cant imagine if i have senn @_@ <3 <3

@Andy I use the withered set to achieve the 60000%... If I had the demon blade and seelenreisser, then it would truly be a real monster... current shadow run

@GOD1 I hate you... I spend the last 2 days testing ton of build/item to understand how you made such adaptation. I manage to get +67k today and now, you show me a 84k ... QQ I'm thankfull at least, I really like to investigate on your case :3 . The only thing that bother me from both your picture is the low AS from your shadow. But it is a really nice build, even if you may struggle early/mid game Well Andy may already know about it, I did explain him ^^'

As the cool down is alrdy at 0.1 sec, anymore AS increment will only waste the potion in comparison to damage I reckon.. And I feel it's unfair for us if people get seelenreisser/demon blade(by luck!) with shadow build of lower % adaptation (say 10000+%) which will beat my strategy easily... Then wouldn't being at the top players of this game by luck and not skills and strategy? @andy

`Just reaches my new highest max hit at bloodmoor hard mode. @god1 my highest max hit without demon blade is 52,2b at 10k secs survival. http://imgur.com/OFjJCHk After 10k secs without DB Then i decide to use demon blade, so it goes 61b at 11k secs survival. My DB damage is +228 base damage. --> not worthed to waste 228 health for the blade. http://imgur.com/jtjNFdr And then my final damage is 150,3 B at 17k survival. http://imgur.com/3BvGPCN

OMFG!!!! xD =))))))

Can someone explain to me the damage mechanics that allow for achieving damages as high as 150.3B in that last picture? I cannot figure out how a damage that high is possible, given the numbers. 329 base damage, multiplied by the damage add gives 329*87.3=28721.7 If we then multiply that by the crit damage, we get 28721.7*167.9 = 4822373.43 - Multiply this by 10 to account for multicrits, and we get 48223734.3. I would assume that the shadow adaptation bonus would simply be added to the damage add bonus in the calculations, but this does not result in a number nearly that high. Even if the shadow adaptation bonus is *multiplied* by the final value (which would be ridiculous), that would only give us 48223734.3*518.5=25004006234.55 ~ 25 billion damage. What am I missing here? How are these numbers calculated to get a damage of 150 billion?

Probably different factors. First was there a Knusper around? i guess it adds like 50% dmg in your calculation so we would probably somewhere between 37,5-45B dmg... Then we add the dmg bonus from that withering set (Cactus, Toad, Bandage) which is capped at 9% or not? so we would come to max of about 50b dmg... I guess i still miss somethin. 329*87,3*167,9*10 = 48.3M 48,3 *932 = rounded 45B I'm not sure about the Knusper dmg bonus you can get. was it 50% or 100%? (enough childs eaten =+/-0dmg more then that amount and you start to deal BONUS dmg instead of reduced damage i read it a while ago somewhere.. cant remember the value) so at LEAST with full knusper its 67,5B-90B. Now we add the withered dmg bonus. set: 73,5B-98,1B Dont know how Cactus +Knusper get calculated together. So at least about 100b are more or less explained here. I guess there are many people out there with more knowledge about the real values and calculations. But well, lets just have a lil guessing game here. The crit was made with that +base dmg item equipped. If we stick to the calculation i made and take the 73,5B dmg and make a rough guess (instead of the 329 we take the 557 dmg as base with same multiplcators) we would end up on around 130B-175B (we have to substract whatever item he got, probably a +1 multicrit item or some such...). But i think thats more then enough guessing. Just go and try to beat it XD OH items... standart +1MC Potion +2MC Manitou +2MC Excalibur +2MC Dark forge thingy +4MC (or is it 3?) So we got +11 MC with the possibility of 2 Cactus or +10MC and that frostset item with +1 (total of 11MC) and a single possbible Cactus

Wait, so you are saying the shadow adapt bonus *is* multiplied vs the product of (Base damage*damage add*crit bonus*multicrit)? Shouldn't it simply be added to the damage add vs that armor type? That seems absurdly OP if it is calculated multiplicatively.

Like i said, i DONT KNOW, that is just my guess. Either way, ask Andy or test it yourself :-P But it WOULD explain the crits to a certain degree, wouldn't it? I mean, Armor penetration, bonus dmg, crit dmg are just different sources of dmg adjustments, why should that shadow %adaption be different? Anyway, it does not effect the "bosses" in challange, does it? Tahts a far better question for me ;D

1000-goblins-shooted shadow

Honestly, HOW THE FUCK is that even possible?! I mean you easy peazy more then doubled all the stats (besides Multi Crit). Well done, but i personally dont the that it is possible with the standart game.

@Ontrose It is definitely possible; you just have to know what you are doing. ;-)

@ontrose i have no idea too with gamer's shadow. Still doing my (loooong) research.

My first try with a shadow build shadow

How did you do this guys? This is all i can Do..

Man u guys make my people seem EXTREMELY weak my highest is like 150 but im only a level 39 and started a week ago lol

Don't worry, it'll happen. A bit of advice, use a multi-deck. After that, pump up your multicrit as much as you possibly can.

We should start a post 1.1.1 thread for this.

Would be interesting to see what tower becomes the most powerful afterwards. Shadow's seemingly small change makes a HUGE difference.