My personal High score.

Used a metro money build to power up beofeld laser battery and brought his damage up to 82.5 billion. With 42488 seconds of overtime. I use 2 hitman start. I focus one with items and potions. I lay down money banks at strategic points. usually around 5k , 7k , 9k etc. I wait till cash is at least 200-300k before transforming carry hitman to laser battery. usually round 120-140. I usually need a good item run , and even then i will leak quite abit , sometimes going down to 50% health from 200%. I recycle all potion into gold potions except the magic find one. I try to save potions for the ring/ygg combo. I only drink darkness potion , so i can get a ms jilly as a second carry , and her purpose is to kill stuff before satellite hits it , so you dont waste ammo(cash). I use iron man right beside carry satellite to absorbs range 1 buff items. After awhile , start putting buff towers. (pub , knux and stone cutter) Its a very finicky build. and my wizard level is high. I run it on easy 500 rounds too. carry satellite has my best items endame , mummy wrap , excaliber , the darkness sword , helm of range , lightsaber , the crit rare item(sorry forgot what its called) Edit: Hero I use , doesnt really matter , Ive used sir little , shadow mane ,prince all successfully no problem , but I favour shadow mane. Hope this inspires ideas Or helps people break new ground. Have fun. Wish I can post screenshots.

Nice work. You can join the official discord and share your screenshots there. There's a dedicated #share-replays channel for it. After you join, it sometimes takes a few hours to get registered.

How do you control mass waves in the early game? Two Hitman aren't fast enough with me.

Just replace him with a better tower

Sadly I can't tell you what my high score SHOULD have been... Do to tower attack priority problems my 1.5T DPS Muli let a tower pass...

Well trident, reaver or some anti leak tower are more or less a must in bonus round.

I'm on my next round of Muli build. This time I have redundancies. Also the only limiting factor is how long the next 200 waves will last as I am gaining money faster then my Muli can spend it. Mr. Iron with a Snow Globe of a Pocket Thief as 0.01 ASPD (-188685 DPS to not kill mobs) is AMAZING. I wonder if there is a limit where gold and/or stats will cause problems with the game. I will probably leave the game running on windows client for a week or more...

Muli will cap. The bonus from drinks is stored in a float. Halfway there, the 0.5% bonus will start to round up to 1% because that's the smallest increment the data type can track at that size. Then, when the 0.5% needs to round to the nearest 2%, it will instead round down to 0% and muli will be capped.

Which is at around 13.x M crit dmg

Around 13M it is indeed. Perhaps my Muli is to strong... he RARELY attacks... but when he did it said he did 63,571T, His DPS is only 107T. Ok just finished my run. Best hit 111,284T dealt 8,752,687T and survived 48617927 seconds. This was not done with any item that increases base damage and missing one tower and better Builder for more damage but it was a fun test to see the limits of this TD.