My Rank/Level reset?

What happened my rank/level reset to level 1 rank 8000+ Im level 78 and look my history in ladder bonus round with normal 500 waves im 2nd place with 4000 seconds. . Pls fix this. . .

Sorry to hear that. I just put you back in the 78ish spot on the ladder. What did it show on your phone? Was there your player level / skill points still correct? Actually the client should try to sync its xp with the server at startup :-/ Any info would be helpful for me to fix it.

Oh yes thank you very much. My moral to play this game is back now. i though i waste my 24/7 time and days to climb in high rank. Im sorry for this grammar but i do my best to explain what just happened. My game was fine in 1 to 300 wave something and i always pressing skip 30/50 times -primary is HOLGAR (13 placement) -secondary IRON (16 placement) -support KNUSPERHEXE (12 placement) and i think my SATTELLITE (2 placement) mess up my games In 350 waves when my gold become zero(0) because my sattelite level 1 with 0.1 IAS full set of impatience. It become's My gold status has "NaN" written on it and my Health has Black "0%" And every time the Sattellite Hit the creeps. The creeps Health is also become Black or Empty and when Holgar and Iron attack, it cannot be killed but knusperhexe passive was fine on those Mass with black health I enter menu and resume the game my health is Red "0%" and the sattelite attack is Fine now when holgar kill the creeps the gold its fine also. My health is ZERO on it and i have unlimited health from wave 350 until 500 After finish the 500 waves i though i have unlimited health for bonus round The game says: You lasted NaN seconds I checked my level Its level 99 My rank 8565 something i cant remember the exact number When i play new game and i finish creep wave my level is become 1. And i can also pick 1 card before battle in this bug wizard level 1.

Thank you for the detailled report. I just filed a bug report for this to be fixed in version 0.9.3 --> XP Reset after Satellite Gold Drain (0000291) Sorry for the inconvenience again!