Name created on old samsung keyboard

Hi, im wondering is it possible to change my ladder name? I made my account a while ago, when i first started i couldnt get the keyboard to work correctly and just wanted to try the game so i just accepted what it would let me write, my name ended out being "s_e___m" underscores being spaces, lol. Thanks 😁

Haha, yeah I can help with that :-) What should I change it to?

"Zetes", please. translates to s_e___m in buggy keyboard language 😆 Thank you so much Andy!

You're welcome :) Changed it! Thanks for your support!

Going to piggy back on this thread. Could I also get my name changed? Had the same issue when I first started playing and could only use symbols. I'd like it to be Fyre Please and thank you

Changed it :-)

Can I change My name to Presper? That isn't the name I want it's just an example place holder name as I'm not really sure what name I want to change it too but I'd hate to spend a bunch of time rhumenating upon the perfect nom de plume only to find I'm denied the change ... and while I'm thinking about it can My name use extended characters in it? How about using a texture or colour for My moniker? Or could I leave My name blank? Whatever causes the most hassel would be just fine as I'd hate to be a pain in the arse about this Donkey shines What is Your name? What is Your quest? What is the base damage of a thrice risen level 23 Phoenix with 2 greater strengths?

Sure, I can change your name if you came up with one. Same restrictions apply as during character creation. Only latin chars and numbers.

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