Need an explanation about the golden cards.

Hi all! I start to play mazebert td a week ago. Now I have "Guard Lance" golden card, but I don't see any difference in the gameplay. What benefit I get having this golden card (for example) ? (I wrote this when I was at level 36)

The last map of the game is golden grounds, which allows only golden cards to be played 😊

Ohh! :) I see. This is hard one. Nice to meet you Andy. Thanks for the explanation! Now I know that I don't need all golden cards... just enough to beat 500... and for my strategy (that I don't have for now) after wave 500. Is there always new quests, or they are limited? How I can change my picture in the forum? (I wrote this when I was at level 37)

Welcome! There‘s a new daily quest every day! The forum uses gravatar avatars, so you‘d just need to register your email at gravatar 👍