never keep a wizard separated from his Hordaric Cube

anyone notice my Hordaric Cube?

shoot, image broke

well anyways, i had saved a horaric cube, and i decided 'Why not save up to buy it?' so i did. and apparently it took a while and a few intrest increase to help boost the income i need to be able to get 25M. i slowly went up to hundreds, then thousands, and then hundred thousands really fast. i was wondering if it had any point to save 25M for a hordaric cube?

The horadric cube is legacy and will be removed in the next release. As for the price: I made it that high, that players check the updated text on the card and learn the 'new' transmutation system by swiping up. A better solution would have been to make the horadric cube unbuildable, but the higher price was a quick workaround for that.