New forum ??

Heya! it’s been a while, but I’ve recently found the time to write a new forum. It’s no longer bbpress, but a self written solution. Downside: no deep integration into wordpress. Upside: no more spammers and deep integration into the game! What does this mean? Everybody is allowed to read. Only players of the game are allowed to write! You can login with your IGN and savecode. Hope to see you around! PS: This game is not dead yet. I’m currently working on a complete rewrite with proper multiplayer support. Cheers Andy

cheers dude

I just buy all items in dev's inn, thx your game these years

Hey moulei, thank you so much!

Looking forward to sleepless nights again <3

Yay, can't wait.

Me too!

It's really good to hear there still ongoing development we've been waiting for this, I'm getting hyped.

Happy to hear you

wow multiplayer .. im wondering if it would be like we could send creeps while building .. this should be pvp!

good news! will this game have multilanguages?just like chinese,even though translate by google!

@tek the first multiplayer game mode will be a coop mode with (hopefully) up to 4 players at once. PvP is not on the immediate roadmap, but there's a good chance to add more multiplayer game modes to the game over time! @Aho unfortunately not. What I'm doing right now is porting the game 1:1 from ActionScript to Java, while extracting all multiplayer-relevant logic into a separate module (deterministic simulation for multiplayer). So the first release you ideally won't even notice that the whole game was rewritten.. But shortly after that I will finally be able to add multiplayer support. I'm planning to add more features over time to the game from then on, and of course if there's a demand it's possible to add a google translate function. The technical challenge for that is that currently all text is rendered as bitmap fonts, which are a very bad fit for Chinese letters.

Awesome to see you are still chugging along Andy, I was active on my old account Leotardis and hopefully the forums get as active as they were in the past.

This is great to hear, Andy