New on Forum, Old on game

Hey guys, Im a old player that came backt to the game about 2 months ago (Ive play before when there was the horadric as a tower to fuse items). Since the last 2 months, Ive start playing more seriously and start reading the forum for advise. First thing first, I really like the changes you made to the game Andy. Second, I would like to thanks all the players that took the time to post strats and comment on the forum. They were usefull and I was able to achive the best run Ive ever done (11 100 sec, 500 waves, Easy). I just wanted to say hi and thanks to all and that I will start exchanging advice and information as well on the forum so new people (like I was) become better and enjoy this game. Again, thank you Andy and keep it up (btw, dontation is comming soon... when I'll have my pay check XD)

Welcome on board @Demerzel! Thanks so much for the heads up, very much appreciated :-)

It is a pretty rad little community, and Andy is a swell guy.