New personal best! 74k seconds on hard!

Just wanted to share my joy! I think I need to change my setup and make my sub-main The Ripper instead of Scarecrow. Also.. revived enemies is what got me killed... it's not because they are hard to kill, it's because my main tower ignores to attack them if other enemies are in range(which I don't really like). So revived enemies can just slip past from time to time until your health reaches 0% Abyss Knight had 55k in his army. My Seelenreiser got stacked up to 77k% dmg. Its gains gets to small after a while. That's why I'm going to try with The Ripper next time, since he boosts crit% which is where my dmg comes from in the end. Might make a video of my run sometime!

Forgot to share my image https://imgur.com/a/IsMA9Ni

Very cool. My best runs (up to 34k) so far have been with a metropolis build

Ye, it's a shame metropolis / nature falls short in the long long bonus rounds. They would be needing towers that could keep increasing towers dmg fast enough to always become stronger. I don't think I've managed above 30k with metropolis! Great run you must have had!