new to the site

New to site have read some good topics been playing game little over a month and love this game by far my fav td game

Welcome to the community then =) The more the better i guess =) a long as the trollocs stay away =)

Lol na just really injoy the game tried alot of strategys one that works best for me is hitman and bear hunter combo of course with the ying yang rings its killer :)

And ty glad to be here

Try to replace hitman with a shadow and try to get an Holgar early on instead of the Bearhunter ;) and see the possible change on your defense

Hmm ive never tried shadow with halgar as a combo will do ty

Holgars nice like that in bonuse round you can trade meads for potions very usefull

Well the whole point is like this: You start with Deckmaster (if you got it) and get holgar. Build it as soon as possible. Trade in meads (do not drink them, if you kill the waves with only items) and trade them for Water of Life so you get an incredible drop bonus early on. Carry with Holgar as long as possible. Mead production is running. If you got Holgar as a stable carry tower, build a shadow somewhere so it can hit. Let him farm Stacks. Given time, Shadow will start gettin more and more kills. The Stack ability is incredible strong. The reason why this 2 towers are that good are simply: They give you a benefit the whole game long and because of that they get stronger and stronger.