New version question

I heard Andy is working on a new version for this game. Will it be on phone, pc or multiplatform etc... Will we be able to transfer our progress from the old version or will it be a complete new, starting from scratch? Either way, best christmas gift to hear you are keeping the game alive Andy! Hope you'll all have a happy new Year!!!

happy new Year!!!

Happy new year, too! As for the new version: It is exactly the same game, but rewritten from scratch to allow multiplayer matches. So all your progress (experience, bonus rounds, golden cards, supporter rewards) will be available in the new version. I'm currently thinking about a season concept starting with the new version. In a season everyone would start from scratch. You then can play either standard or the latest season. When the season ends, all your season progress would then be merged to standard. It's still work in progress though :-)

Can't wait for the multiplayer! Who would have thought I'd see multiplayer before I'd see Seelenreiser in my hands. The season concept sounds interesting! Would there be any rewards for reaching a certain lvl or bonus round etc? I'd love to have new "goals" thrown at me every now and then.

Yeah, that'd be definitely something. I'm thinking of season-specific cards that can only drop in a season (and are kind of evaluated there). After the season is merged they'd then become available to the standard game, too. Maybe even seasons specific new maps...

Great idea! But before season specific maps, I'd love to have 1-2 maps that is made for multiplayer co-op, that in some way, encourage teamwork.