Non-daily quests

Is there a list of non-daily quests posted anywhere? I completed some early early on, but i forgot they were a thing until my son started playing, and i saw him get a "Win the game using only Darkness" quest bonus. I guess there's one for beating each map, and there's one for beating with each of the card sets. Anything else?

Heya, that's correct, there are some hidden quests that can be completed once. I haven't ported the quest system to the new engine yet. I don't remember by heart what they were exactly. I think one user decompiled the old game and posted a list on the forum. (I really need to implement a forum search when I get the time!) A few more I remember on top of those you already guessed correctly. - If you own the bowling ball, there's a hidden quest to bowl a perfect game - It is worth it to watch the entire credits :-) Cheers Andy

aha! cool thanks