"OH SHIT!!!" moments !!

After doing something stupid in my very last game, i decide to make this thread ;) This mazebert td is still the best td genre in apps platform. Very fun to play and thinking new strategy, placement, etc etc... but sometimes i have a 'shit moments' hahaha sometimes I laugh or i angry with this. Lol This is my 'oh shit' moments: 1. After having perfect200%health at hard mode, then at wave 173 i accidentally change my manitou into greed. 2. After equip both rings, and made the tower drinks ALL the pots, then i realize later that the tower still not married yet. ~___~ 3. Finally I completed my very first unrelenting sets < wave 100,.... then i accidentally swipe the 'last train of the day' 4. In the survival mode >10k secs, i swipe all my cards on my deck and thenrhe cards become ONLY 3 greed cards (no other cards). --> ends up with 1 greed in my formation. (He is terribly useless). 5. After I place first holgar at abt wave 30ish, NEVER get meads until wave 100. So the game screwed badly. ---> this often happens. 6. Right After set up demon blade tower, those flying creeps get through the finish line. Game over. *arrgh* 7. While busy fighting challenge boss, unexpectedly the goblin spawn from dungeon doors. Maybe still a lot more shitty moments, but for now only this comes out from my mind. And mostly i end the game --> start new --> happened again --> bad mood --> quit game --> do something else. Lols. This is my "oh shit" moments, how about you? Please share if u have one ;)

1. Getting to wave 495 and realizing you haven't placed the Forge :( MAJOR rush when you do and pop 4 lucky pants in, and BoD drops on wave 496 ^^__^^ 2. Late game >20k seconds, trying to still sneak stuff in Mr. Iron and time it badly, and POOF, large chunk of creeps slips by to which you can't recover, bleh! 3. Late game, when all is about to end, watching that one bird slip by and your Jilly's absolutely refuses to one shot it, then remembering you still had Painkiller left, lmao!!!! 4. Ya, replacing a 500 round main tower by mis-click, been there, major WTF!!! oops 5. When answering "yes" to the "are you sure you want to drink this" question, thinking you drank soul flask to prepare for your Demon Blade, then watch as nothing happens, the POOF, 4 creeps on the screen die because you drank Painkiller instead. :( That one was a phone tosser, hahahahaha 6. Using ying/yang then realizing somehow you put the f@kker on Manitou, after drinking 50 pots...good gawddddddd!!! Those are my most recent "oh shit" moments :)

@thermo point #4. Trouble with potion is sucks lol. Here my another sad story: In the early game (<wave 120), my main tower of courses drink every potion i got. I tap the "drink" buttton quickly, and accidentally drink the nillos cunning potion and tears of god !! I sulda drink both potions later with ying/yang gddmit -___- #6 dammmm, that was the strongest manitou ever !!!! Mwahhaahaha #stupid

well i've done alot of theese things... luckily my memoryspan is 'bout 10 sec^^ so i've forgotten most of it,, but in my latest game (ongoing) i was doing a nature/metro quest and at wave 190ish i decided to change my ganesh to something useful, and it was in perfect position so i made a gib..... BWAAAA! how stupid am i? well quest failed and i just gotta start over again... i was so sure i was safe bcoz i had gotten rid of darkness in the wizard start options, forgot gib was a summon ='/ well at least it wasn't a 500 game =)

I just had a perfect 200 waves match. nearly... Before the Challange waves spawn i decided to waste all my Acolytes (had both, knusper and Abyss out on 100 with full set+lucky pants), replaced my shadow about 70 times with acolytes. Swapped towers and items in. Then i realized i forgot to keep a shadow back to replace the last Acolyte... Rest of the setup: 3 Spiders with 2 frozen items +2withered, 2 of that warp guys with same setup and rest Jillys... with same setup and a single GIB. Acolyte carrying is quite a fail -.-