Phone reset

I had to do a sudden phone reset and did not get the save code .Is there any way to restore my I.D.? Crystal Lv 71

There might be, as soon as Andy is back from his holidays. Cant give you an exacte date but i guess he will be back somewhere in the next week. If he feels like it, he will provide your Ladder Code. Be patient and ask in the mid/end of the next week again.

Hey! I found you in the db and added your save code to your forum profile. Hope your phone is alright :-) Cheers Andy

I looked on my Forum profile and cannot see a save code anywhere. Where would I find it? Thank you

The phone had to go to the repair shop, just got it back today :)

Click on your forum profile -> Edit -> Scroll down until you see ladder save code. Good luck!

Thank you Andy.This is by far my favourite game :)