Plans for the Windows version of Mazebert DT

Hello, I have some question about Windows version of Mazebert DT. In the future, you planning to move it to Steam? Do you planning do Windows version comfortable for playing in PC or it'll equal mobile version like now?

Hey, that's something on the list yes, but probably in the more distant future right now. Before starting the multiplayer feature I've already done some prototyping for a desktop friendly user interface. But I noticed that it's really hard to get it right :-) Especially the mobile optimized map layouts are kind of problematic.

As a huge fan of playing on my computer as opposed to mobile, I'd be happy with a desktop version. Could it be like those old emulators and simply not take up the full screen? I'm not concerned with a game needing to be "full window" mode.

@jhoijhoi did you spot the download for the windows version on the front page? It's kind of like you suggested.

I just downloaded the windows version. It's good. Nothing wrong with it. But if you are going to make some optimizations, the first thing I'd do is allow arrow keys to scroll through the cards. Other keyboard shortcuts would be the simplest improvement you could make, in my opinion. Next would be making clickable scroll buttons (or maybe a scroll bar?) since swiping with a mouse is annoying.

Thanks Fuzzy! I thought about the mouse wheel for scrolling through the deck, maybe. Right, once you said that it would be cool if the scroll views would support the mouse wheel, too :-D