Play together

Ive never made a game with someone else, i rerolled always the 60g quest since i had no idea how to find someone playing with me. Im also just lvl 79 missing lot of Skills... :/ So is there some Thread like: „60g sharing“ already? If not i guess all could benefit if everyone shares with others holding the quest... (guess what happen 4x 60g quest in one single game...) ^^ whould be like 240g everyone just for 1 game played. Just realised Andy is like ~ 70 Kilometers from me ^^ And tbh im pretty often in „Brusl“ :D Small World... :)

Heya, wow what a coincidence! Yeah I'm looking forward to the "Spargel" season in Brusl :-) To coordinate multiplayer games, there a discord channel, where other players are looking for a group, it works pretty well. https://discord.gg/W4RzUKT

Currently i guess asparagus will be expensive because of corona... Ye i know „böser“ from „brusl“ for asparagus! :) But i like the one from „Lampertheim“ more! :) Edit: Whould like to get power to speak in Discord ^.^