Playing the same game on two devices.

Is it possible to play this game on multiple devices? For example: 20 mins on pc, back to menu, close game from pc, shut down pc. throw yourself into bed, start game on phone, continue from progress on pc. Is it possible? Thanks

when you go back to menu your games sync and you can play it on another device, you just cant play the same game simultaneously on 2 devices

Thanks for your reply, but it seems that i cannot see the game that i played on pc, from phone, and vice versa. Both games synchronized successfully.

Unfortunately atm games can only be finished on the device you started them. Technically you can copy the savegame from one device to the other, but there's no nice option in the game for it yet.

Okay. Fair answer. thank you.

If save files aren't too large, would it be worth supporting a server upload function...? The server could accept a save game and allow it to be downloaded to another device, then it would be deleted. Maybe there could be a 1-7 day period where the transfer is allowed before it is deleted from the server to save space. Although, I'd rather you spent time on gameplay improvements rather than this. But maybe there's an easy solution you can cook up or copy.