Post your strongest end-game unit

Mine so far is a Muli on normal: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KYbkCgbppY6DeASg9

That's a pretty bad-ass Muli indeed!

If you put a tinker next to him with yin yang rings then feed all pots to the tinker, you would have had well over 10x the damage. Especially with that crit multi

Why would you think that tinker gives him more damage?

Nice Muli :)

https://ibb.co/LRxRgVH https://ibb.co/vQc3Sxw This is blofeld from my Last run... not the best, but decent. Dagon as hero, 500 rounds, easy difficulty

Tinker gives him luck, luck gives him more chance to drink. Base of 10% plus luck means a lot more alcohol drank which means a huge boost to damage

I'll try that setup salyur! Right now I use wedding ring + branch on Muli and Yggdrasill for double potion effect, but putting the light branch on the tinker should work right?

No tinker has to drink the potion himself. Double potion is far superior

Kami is correct. Also, keeping Nilos and another luck potion already gives a good boost to luck. More is better, but it's diminishing returns. If there are unassigned tower spots around him, a tinker without any extra potions might be worth the time savings, but it will be nearly insignificant.

I was unaware of a double potion effect.... thanks for the info... just got a 79k sec bonus round... would have been MUCH better with double pots

Oh, glad we could help then! Post your new result later :)

Today got my first seelenreisser + blofeld game done in RoC: Heres my blofeld at end of vir incl. Seelenreisser buff: https://ibb.co/gZ6nBmr https://ibb.co/TgDzZMr https://ibb.co/2ZHcXcp https://ibb.co/0jjz7WL Any thoughts how to improve further? I have to admit that i had some great luck with multicrit potions and early drop of the Necronomicon but no luck with dandelion+snowglobe Combo, as well i missed 4x irish pub for the max Bonus round... therefore one spot was free until the end of the game and i had to fill with a homogram to achieve all Towers to lv 99... I think i can do even better with a little more rng luck. Here's as well the replay of the game: https://mazebert.com/g/ff6c76dd-e3b4-4b49-ba77-b1b1e54c5497-27189/

That needs to go to the guides i think. Holy. Well done!

My best finish by a long shot! Survived 351728 seconds after a 500 wave game on Hard. https://mazebert.com/g/9e498adb-c220-421b-8fbd-94300d05e771-33458/ Here are a few screenshots too: Best Tower Finish in Mazebert TD https://imgur.com/gallery/fE7wdIb Any advice on what I could do better would be greatly appreciated thanks! I haven't done any co-op yet, but feel free to message me on Discord: Bad Doggyy#3219

6.9T DPS Biofield zap zap Survived 2xxxxxx seconds

13.3T reaper and 13.1T muli https://mazebert.com/g/12e47d38-e45b-48b9-836c-760bb6b19754-45203/

Survived 1,7M sec on Blood Moor Used Cthulhu & Ygg & Snore Fox Replaced by Biofield at the end https://ibb.co/RBhQX9K https://ibb.co/JHLJtBz https://ibb.co/T88dhY1

Wow, nice job!

Was going for a Loki carry but ended putting my items on Thor. This was however probably a bad idea looking at the total damage numbers. I could also do a hell of a lot more if I actually had unlocked more items lol. https://imgur.com/a/K0TtN0r

may I ask how u got 2k luck on your carries? cthulu+tinker? and how'd get so much atkspeed too

Yes Cthulu+tinker. Also Wedding Rings/Yggdrasil+Cthulu can make for insane power end game.

@obloc can you send your reply ? thanks in advance 😂 then you must beat the ladder 2b survive time

how'd you reach 2b bro that's insane



cthulu and some luck with multicrit dust. https://ibb.co/L5g65Wt

Wow, great result