Prizes of the innkeeper

I just looked into the inn and saw that a beer is 3.5 € now. Wasn't it 2 before? What about the others? I already purchased them so I can't see.

Beer is suffering the effects of inflation HARD. =P

Yes I recently adjusted it to put it a bit closer towards the price of a beer in a tavern (in Germany). Unfortunately I still don't get it 1:1 virtual beer to real beer, as I lose 30% to Google and 19% to German VAT ^^

Well in Bavaria I hardly pay 3€ for a half litre ;)

It would be better if instead of seizing 1/3 your money, Google was expected to show up and drink 1/3 your beer. You should put a donate button on here somewhere so we can bypass the hand in your pocket.

Andy, is it an option for you to add a donation option? I'd rather give you 90%+ of a beer instead of 50% of a beer.