Profile linked to IGN.

Hey andy, could you link my profiles please? :) I tried to find it myself, but it doesn't seem like i can do it myself.

Hey there, click on your forum profile https://mazebert.com/forums/users/peoplehater/ and click on edit on the left. Now when you scoll down all to the bottom, you can enter your ladder save code there. cheers!

Oh dang! hadn't seen that at the bottom :).. Thx a million. I'm a little sad to see the inactivity at the forums these days though :/ what happened?

I think its because the game is pretty much finished in terms of features, and of course that I currently can't find the time to create new content in terms of towers etc. PS: gratz to level 93 :-)

I hope you will find the time again :). And that people will return to the forums too.. I'm trying to keep the Blackmarket post running in hopes of getting other people to be a little more active again :).. Thx, and gratz on making an awesome game!.. In my world, there is still a looong way to go.. i gotta figure out how that rank 1 guy got to 1.7m sec on hard :).