Question about a Golden Card

Hello Andy and fellow community Members, I wonder if i need the Blood Demon (as golden Card) and his "sword" (dont know item name) as another golden card? Or is that sword automatically golden (and so useable on the golden grounds)? A "fast" answer would be appreciated ^^ Closing the gap to the wave 500 :>

Never mind, just looked into my cards again, and i got the sword... Guess it comes with the demon...

This was one of the last things I implemented for the 1.0 release. After playing golden grounds during a test, summoning the blood demon and removing his blade from the inventory. And realized just then, that I didn't have the golden version of it yet. So there is a special routine on the server. When you forge Blood Demon, you forge the golden version of his blade as well. The blade alone can't be forged. Glad that this feature was worth adding :-)