Question about "missing".

Can someone tell me how "missing" affects Bear Hunter? Specifically in regards to Mead Bottles and/or Painting of Solea?

Well thats quite a good questions. I think it normally is triggered on attack. Means when the attack gets initiated, which means that the attack will be cancelled. But i think on Bear-Hunter the traps got the "Attack" trigger and not Tower itself. As if the Bearhunter sets dozens of "Towers" with 0 Range on the path. So the traps itself TRIGGER the when stepped on but might miss (and deal no dmg, but vanish) as far as i know. For me a bigger questions would be:If you drink lets say 10 Meads and have a 10% Misschance, place a trap and then equip Lucky Pants, (after trap is set) does the Lucky pants equipped counts for the already set trap or are the Stats fixed on setting the trap up? P.S. Thats my guess, did not test it, since i dont use the Items...

Thank you for your input. It's a pretty tricky mechanic, which is why I'm curious about it. Has anyone tested this or had any experience with it at all?

Hey there, the miss chance is taken into account, when a creep is attacked by a tower. As Bear Hunter doesn't attack creeps directly, miss chance has no effect on him. So, you can feed him a lot of mead actually :-) The traps he plants are no affected by his miss chance either. @Ontrose I think luck reduces the chance to miss, but I'm not 100% sure. Need to check with the code later.