Question about Mr. Iron

Hey guys! I'm kinda new to the forums, although I've been playing the game for a while now (and what an awsome game it is!) So, I was wondering, when you add an item to Mr. Iron that scales with level and use construct, does the item keep giving higher bonuses as Mr. Iron gains levels (like a potion does), or does it only provide the bonuses it gave at the level it was consumed by Mr. Iron? I did a little research in the forums before asking, hope it hasn't been answered before!

The item level will increase as Mr.Iron increase. You don't have to wait Mr.Iron lvl 99 to do so :)

Thanks for the answer! :) All those Meat Mallets are awsome on Mr. Iron!

Mallet+Yellow Steaks keep a fine balance yeah ^^ Still you have to feed him a few dozen Crit pots, just so he gets some +crit dmg. Wolfskins are simply not enough to boost it properly. Anyway in the older ver with +52multicrit iron man... what a fine carry he was then ;D For my taste, he lacks range and of course base dmg... but i guess you can easy hit the +15.000% dmg on him...

i got this game this summer so never seen or even heard of +52 multicrits but that would rule!! haha but kinda OP =) holgar married with mr.iron i got mr.iron to 32000% then replaced holgar with shadow after lvl 400, i got mr.iron max hit up to 445.9M and he was top dmg until 6000+ seconds i got shadow to pass him with 520M and shadow then had 33000%ish on all adaptations i love mr.iron with 0 cooldown and 2 of the withered set, he can hold back 2-4 bosses to give carry enough time to kill them (2 is easy 4 is lucky) and if creeps show up im screwed if the bosses are sent back too far and mr.iron targets the creeps instead of the bosses so time warp only hits the creeps instead =) got better max hits now with shadow but that was still my best mr.iron round

Uhm, does the shadow+dmg (his ability dmg) work on bonus rounds??? P.S. The +50 multicrit stuff happened when setitems could be digested by Mr.Iron. They bugged once and then but still. Incredible powerful.

looks like it i think only the bonusround challenge bosses have the usual challenge resistance, the rest of the bonusround creeps i think is like usual except for bonusarmor as +1 every new bonus wave? i think? hehe not sure though