Questions about the forge.

When you get alot of duplicates and turn them in could you get a special card instead of points.

I am fairly certain that the Forge is evil and was used by Sauron to forge all those nasty rings. I got 14 duplicates in a row one time. Traded them in for some more duplicates. Not my best day. So I wouldn't hold your breath for it doing anything nice.

Yes. In my first game (On an old phone I had) I had Seelenreiser and Blood Demon, and with minimal forgings. On my new phone, I have neither or them, nor the Knight Hero. But I do have enough duplicates to depress me every time I try.

Romeo does this mean you lost your progress when you got the new phone? Do you need help recovering some stuff?

I'm actually further along now than I was on the old phone (This was a while back). Had I known about the savecode thing though, I definitely would've taken advantage. Don't worry about me! I'll keep going with my current save. Thanks though! =)

Alright! :-)

I thimk this guy is either hacking or glitched<img src="http://https://m.facebook.com/home.php?sk=live&_rdr#!/photo.php?fbid=184691455208703&id=100010035490376&set=a.135081796836336.1073741826.100010035490376&source=48&refid=7&__tn__=E" alt=

Sorry if i knew how to put the actual pic here i would but i dont know how.