Questions and balance

1. how Elvis emitator works? if normal speed is 100% then when creeps enter his area 50% after few seconds 75%? or 125% or 62.5% ? and all slow effects stack? such spider, elvis, gib, frozen set and etcs 2. is the Huli monkey stun effect same with beaver? 3. Myoelnir looks need more buff comparing to Trident Trident can muti hit evry time with 100% damage and even each single hit has their own effect like stun, instant kill but Myoelnir is much weaker Myoelnir needs buff like +1 target every 14 levels like a electric chair and more damage I think

Elvis aura multiplies the speed multiplier of creeps that enter. So creep enters, its speed multiplier is multiplied by 0.5. Then that effect is removed by dividing the speed multiplier by 0.5 again, then making the creep faster by multiplying by 1.25. Finally it is divided by 1.25 again upon leaving the aura range. All slows work that way and this is why all slow effects can stack. Huli has the same stun chance as Beaver, but a slower stun duration (0.2 seconds). I agree with you on Mjoelnir. Added it to my balancing todo - list.