hey i accidentally deleted a quest, i had gain 400 tower levels and i had 390/400 but then before i quit the game i wanted to see my current quests and accidentally pressed the X button and i suddenly got a new quest,, i feel a bit ripped off coz i was only 10 tower levels from 2 gold cards, and now i wanna smash my phone to bits. sorry im a bit slow i dont really get the quests, like why does it have a delete quest button? and why does it not ask "are you sure you want to delete/abandon this quest?" is it coming back or lost forever? BWAHH! Sincerely /// MRDRR

i feel like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=007qvBbZIZs

I fear your quest progress is lost in this case :-( The mechanic is this: Every day you open the game you receive a new quest. If you already have 3 quests, instead of a 4th quest you get the option to swap one of your quests with a new one. For instance to gamble for a new quest you could potentially combine with currently running quests to complete them in a single game.. Really sorry for your lost progress! And +1 for adding an alert warning when swapping a quest that already has progress on it. This will be added to 1.1 for sure. Maybe this can cheer you up a little (*SPOILER ALERT*): Watch the entire credits and see what happens ... Pssst. :-D Thanks for your feedback!

ah kk tnx for the reply now i know i have to watch where my thumb goes ;) thank you for the easter egg xD! it got me prince lycaon =))) also thanks for a great game it's really the best free TD out there, also the only game i evr bother to download again when i change phone, TY for hours and hours of challenging fun! peace //

Thank you :-)

By the way, so far i have seen the 400 tower levels quest, the win with darkness/metropolis and nature/metropolis, survive for 800 seconds and save 1M gold is there any more? i have finished all my daily quests now, and im looking forward for some new ones =) also i have noticed that you dont need to survive 800 seconds in a single game but that it adds up for next game the same with the gold quest, i guess the same with the 400 T lvls? but to make it harder you should make it so that you only complete the quest if you do it in one game =) like with 1 money bin and 500 levels i can get just about 200M +- differs from game to game, tower setup etc. maybe a good quest for the hardcore players? btw the nature/metropolis is not too hard but okey i can win but then i only go for 200 levels to complete, the darkness/metropolis is very hard i never won that one even if i only play 200 level game.If you changed the 800 seconds can only be completed in one game then you could also add 2000 second or 4000 second or more quests, maybe a dmg quest, kill XX number of creeps and a get a tower to 0 CD quest or whatnot! there's no end to the possibilities =) also is there a certain time the daily quests resets or is it from when i win them i have to wait 24 hours? and if it resets at a certain time, say 12 am is it central time or different for different time zones?

Thanks for your feedback! It is planned to add a lot of more quests in the next version! (both daily and hidden) When you open the main menu the game tries to sync itself with the server. If midnight passed since the day the last daily quest was created, a new one will be generated. And 'after midnight' should be synchronized with your time zone, so it should be midnight at your current location (if not please report back, then we might still have a little bug here).

aha so only one quest per day? my questlog has been full all the time until yesterday so i have never seen it empty before =) yup the midnight sync was working for me just had to restart the game for sync to take effect. so then it only matters that i play one time every day or finish all three quests every third day, and if i win fast im done for the day(s) with goldcardfarming? first i thought i could farm quests infinitely, is it to keep a more even pace on the players progress or just to help people not to forget they have to eat, sleep, job/school? ;)))

Exactly :-)