Quick question about match time

I've reached stage 400+ with Phoenix 4m dps and some other units I've tried needed way more dps around same stage, can someone clarify if in game time affects the hp/def of mobs? Phoenix 4m in a fast run x4 speed (wasn't pausing) and after stage 410-5 goblins start passing through and eventually lost.. Wolf 9m dps at stage 300+ lost (was pausing a lot) Stonecutter's Temple + Helm of Hades 11m dps at stage 420 enemys start getting through (was pausing a lot) Any ideas why my Phoenix was able to reach so high level with just 4m dps?

The only effect is wave count. It adds armor and hp. Phoenix has more range and is area of effect maybe that’s why he got more dmg to the enemies. Stonecutter is a bad carry anyhow. And wolves are only good early to mid game.

Was thinking the same, just didn't want to prolong my question. Would make sense that even if it was just 4m, believe I've also had Helm of Hades on him back then so that would be x2 the range of Wolf or Temple. **And yea i agree, Temple was a horrible choice, thought the passive damage 2-6k would make up for it, but i was so wrong. Can't learn from a mistake if you don't try 😁 Still newbie to the game,so I'm trying different combos, unfortunately it seems Ripper, Shadow or Mr.Iron are the only variable choices for 500+

I never play those. My carries usually are Holgar, solara, scarecrow, Scarface can work too ( Lucien squares his dmg output). And for vir/timelord nothing beats a blofeld or a stacked up muli together with stonecutter for the passive dmg multiplier.

Tried Solara and Scarecrow..Sola seems ok till 400, after that was struggling but Scarecrow..couldn't even make it to 200..don't know what i did wrong, maybe just got unlucky and didn't gave him another chance 🤔 **Haven't tried Holgar or Scarface Believe the strongest choice is Mr Iron with Stonecutter. Building a full pack of wolfs till lv300-400 and then swap to those 2..believe is the strongest option (haven't tried it because it seems to obvious and i like to experiment in games)

Well you should switch between solara and scarecrow depending on the situation...

Mr. Iron can be decent I guess. Never tried him. But having stonecutter on 99 is important anyway for metro. It will not help with challenges and goblins though.

You're correct Temble doesn't help with goblins and challenges. Completely forgot that.